Football time in Sparta!

Posted By | August 15, 2011 12:00 am

It’s officially game week and I am so excited.
This week kicks off football season in White County. The Warrior high school team travels to Smith County Friday night and the middle school team opens up at Avery Trace Tuesday.
Being on the sidelines Friday night at the jamboree has me even more excited about the start of football season.
Obviously, I love all sports and get excited about the start of the new season, but there is just something special about Friday nights and football. Movies have been made about it and songs wrote about it. Friday night football is just a part of the American sports landscape.
I guess it’s due to the fact they only play one night a week and there is such a big build up for each game. Some other sports play two to three sometimes even four games a week, but you can count on only one football game per week.
I think that is probably why I like pro football more than both professional baseball and basketball. There is only one game a week. Those other leagues play so many games per year, it can drag on some time. That’s why I generally watch the NBA and baseball only during the play offs. Except for the Braves, of course, who I keep up with all during the season.
Those guys who got the chance to play high school football always tell me there was something special about Friday nights. Obviously as a female having never had the chance to play, I don’t get the full meaning of it, but I get a little taste of the excitement being down on the sidelines. It’s definitely a high energy and exciting place to be.
For me Friday night football is more than just the game. It’s the road trips. It’s the post game meals with our large group who always seem to meet up whether on the road or at home.
Sometimes I wish the football regular season was more than 10 weeks long, but then again, I guess that would take away some of the specialty of it.
The Warriors and their fans got a little taste of Friday night lights with the jamboree this past week, but it all happens for real this week.
It’s time to get out and support our boys of fall. These young men have put their hearts into working out and practicing so hard this summer for this. It all starts Friday night. Make sure to support our young men at Smith County.
Smith County just happens to be coached by a very familiar face for Warrior football fans. Jimmy Maynord is the head coach of the Owls. He was with the Warrior program for 10 years, four of which he served as the head coach. In fact, there is a family connection with this edition of the Warriors. A few of the players on this year’s team are the sons of former players on Maynord coached teams.
Hope to see everyone out in Carthage Friday night!
Go Warriors!

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