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The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

So…my apologies for my absence from this page. As some of you know, my wife is Vietnamese, and every other year I join her in an extended vacation in Viet Nam. We don’t go as tourists but rather as natives, living with her family and enjoying the life of the regular Vietnamese family. Perhaps, at some point, I can write of that here, but, until then, let’s get to work!

Some interesting developments are occurring in the Democrat primary. It is becoming increasingly clear that breadline Bernie is once again leading the pack of nominees. The power structure within the Democrat Party are just as angry and obstinate and opposed to Bernie’s election as the Democrat candidate to oppose Donald Trump – as the Republican establishment was opposed to the election of Donald Trump as our standard bearer. This has led to some interesting developments inside the Democrat club.

Firstly, the Democrats have brought onto the rules committee two new members. Barnie Frank, a diehard Democrat of the old style eastern blueblood Democrat with some following in the gay Democrat community, and John Podesta, a modern Democrat from the Obama win. No doubt these additions were made so that Tom Perez, Dem Party head, could be absolutely sure of his hold on the party going into what may be a very contentious election year.

Secondly, the Democrats changed the rules to allow Bloomberg to join the other candidates on the debate stage. You may recall that others attempted to get this change made so that more minority representation could be present on the debate stage and were rebuffed. So, the fact that the Democrats’ pols turned them down and then changed the rules for a very white, very rich Michael Bloomberg says a lot about the party’s plans for the future. Is there is any doubt this move means the party supports Bloomberg’s move to become the leading opposition candidate to breadline Bernie? I think not. They thought they had Bernie blocked from the race by either Biden (A weak reed at best, but…) or Pocahontas. But polling results show that Elizabeth Warren is just not very likeable, Biden is fading already under the rather minor strain of the beginning of the race, and the revelations of the millions of dollars of corruption reaped by him and his family is too far into the open to be pulled back now. Buttigieg is a loser because he has no support in the minority community. So, the Democrat machine is counting on Bloomberg to give Bernie a run for his money. Even though Bloomberg is a late entry in the race, he is an internationalist and a member in good standing of that club that provides the Democrats with much of their funding. So, the Democrats are going to go all out at this point to push Ole-Democrat-come-lately Michael Bloomberg and bill the race the battle of the billionaires.

In another interesting development, Chris Wallace seems to have come completely out of his closet and revealed that, like his father, he is a hardcore Democrat leftist. There is no doubt that this could not have happened without the approval of Fox management and this, coupled with other developments, marks Fox’s attempt to remake itself as a “sort of” conservative news channel. If you doubt the conversion, just start keeping score on whom it is showing up nightly on Brett’s free-for- all “board” that comments “off the cuff” on the events of the day. More and more Brett is hosting fake/Republican establishment commentators, never Trumpers, and an out-and-out Democrat and calling that a balanced board. I don’t think so! It is time for Trump to start that news channel he threatened to when he first came onto the political scene. There are millions of conservatives ready to stop watching Fox the minute someone comes along with a watchable presentation.  We have One America News and Newsmax, but their production values and guests and hosts are definitely second class at best. We need a first-class news channel that caters to conservative thought in the new century’s style… And I feel certain it will develop! I just wish and hope the Trump family to be the ones that reap the billions in profit such an effort would generate.

This brings us to the present state of things with impeachment. Is the result we are staring at now not the exact thing we predicted many months ago? From the jump, everyone with any insight knew this was not a serious attempt to overthrow the president. The charges presented so lowered the bar for impeachment that practically any president of our country since its founding could have been found “guilty” of these silly charges.

This impeachment is the result of two bad situations the Democrats found themselves in. The Democrat Party’s mouthpiece – cable channel news – had promised for years that the impeachment of Donald Trump was a foregone conclusion. They practically promised their listeners it was just a matter of time until Trump, like Nixon before him, would be bidding the White House staff adieu and leaving in disgrace. How could the Democrats not at least try to impeach this president? No matter how flimsy the charges (and these were AWFULLY flimsy) Democrats could count on their mouthpieces, on television and in the newspapers, to cover for them. This way they could claim to their supporters they had tried their best to impeach the president and were only prevented by the terrible nasty Republicans.

Their second goal was to “dirty up” the president to try and prevent his re-election. But their efforts have been so obviously corruptly motivated that they are only making themselves look even worse in this process. President Trump’s poll numbers, which the pollsters are doing their best to keep artificially low, are staying firm or going up in the face of this foolish impeachment effort. So, it is becoming even more obvious how dishonest and corrupt this attempt is.

There is much more to say, but no space in which to say it, so… Good bye for now! Let’s meet here again next week…shall we?

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