Ignorance of a law is not a valid excuse for breaking it

Posted By | October 7, 2019 11:42 am

Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

How many times have we heard this phrase?  Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to laws.  It just isn’t considered a valid excuse for anyone to use.  It also doesn’t matter if the person claiming they didn’t do anything wrong because of their standing in their community; didn’t comprehend they broke a law; or didn’t like a particular law; that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be charged with breaking the law.  Some people use various   justifications as to why their position should protect them against prosecution for any kind of criminal activity. They feel it is their right to do whatever is necessary to escape punishment.  Sadly, some people live their entire lives without having to pay the consequences of their illegal behavior.

Donald Trump is a perfect example of this kind of behavior.  He didn’t have to bother learning anything about rules or laws. He always had someone who could “fix” his problems or pay the “price” for him.  Mr. Trump has not changed since he was elected president of the United States of America.  When he took the oath of office, those of us who have been aware of Donald’s behavior, for many years, knew he was just repeating words, and he had no intention of putting the country above his own needs and desires.  The oath of office was meaningless to him.  It had no impact on his consciousness or behavior.  Mr. Trump truly believes that because he is the leader of the most powerful and richest country in the world, he can do anything he wants, and no one can tell him he can’t.  His behavior certainly confirms he believes the laws of our country do not apply to him.  It appears that because he is the president, he believes he should have the complete and unquestioning loyalty of everyone around him. In his previous experience as a businessman, he demanded complete loyalty, which meant other people were expected to clean up his messes and take whatever blame might occur over any problem he might have caused.

Arrogance is just as dangerous as ignorance when a person achieves a certain level of power in their career and/or life.  Mr. Trump still doesn’t seem to understand that being the president comes with specific expectations, responsibilities, and limitations.  We have heard him say several times how much he feels constrained by our Constitution, and how much he feels it is out of date for someone like him.  In my opinion, our Constitution is still viable and exactly what we need to protect our country from “wannabe” dictators. After more than two years in office, Mr. Trump still struggles with the differences in being the owner of a company and the president and servant of America.  It is obvious with the status of his daughter and son-in-law as “senior advisors” and the “responsibilities” they were given for which they are totally unqualified.  He still has no obvious understanding of national security protocols, and, when his children’s security clearance requests did not meet the proper standards, Mr. Trump bullied people into disregarding the red flags that caused them concerns.

I know I have not been alone in my concerns for the way Donald Trump manages the White House, his cabinet, and our government.   I have not been able to understand what he envisions as his actual goals and achievements for our country.  The only thing I can understand is that he loves the power he believes he has in his position and the attention he gets from it.  I also believe he will say and do anything he can to hold on to that power, even if it means breaking our laws, traditions, and destroying our Democratic Republic in the process.  Donald Trump’s actions indicate he does not care about the lives of the average American, even the ones who supported him and those who still do.  All he cares about is that there will be enough people who will vote to keep him in office, and he will use whatever it takes to make sure he stays in office.  He doesn’t care about the people or the country.  Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

I realize there are many people around here and throughout Tennessee and other “red” states who believe God sent him to rule America because the far-right evangelical con-men and women preachers see Donald Trump as a means to their end of making America an official “Christian” nation.  They have been so blinded by their own selfish desires and greed they have lost sight of anything that remotely resembles true Christianity.  They willfully ignore everything else that our country holds dear: our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the 98 percent of us who are the backbone of this country.

Donald Trump has broken the law by soliciting a foreign government’s involvement in our elections.  Attorney General William Barr declared Mr. Trump was exonerated of the same behavior, during his campaign.  Perhaps Donald Trump feels if he got away with it while he was a candidate, he certainly can get away with it as the president, especially now with William Barr acting as one of Donald Trump’s personal attorneys.  The attorney general’s primary job is to protect the laws of our country and prosecute anyone who breaks those laws.  He should not be helping the president abuse our legal system.  Mr. Barr is not above the law and could find himself in jail, not just for violating his oath of office but by breaking the law.  In his case, he certainly can’t use ignorance of the law as an excuse to avoid prosecution.

Every citizen should read the whistleblower’s complaint and the transcript of Donald Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president before they say it is meaningless garbage being used to hurt the president.  You need to remember the White House, with Donald Trump’s approval, released the transcript of that phone call.

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  1. Comment by Jay Dee Hanna

    October 7, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    No quid pro quo, read it. Funny how Trumps children are unqualified but Hunter Biden collects big money sitting on the board of a foreign
    government gas/oil company of which he has no expertise. Oh, and what about the dirt the DNC and Hillary paid for to get dirt on Donald Trump. It pays to be a Democrat with friends in high places. Trump has of yet to have been proven of committing any crime, yet has been through more scrutinizing than any other President in history.

  2. Comment by Meg

    October 9, 2019 at 11:33 pm

    Twice this week I have put my opinion here concerning Debra Wines attacking the people on her right and their stand with God. It seems we are blinded and have lost our sight of anything thing that resembles God. Well, Expositor, please pass this on. She doesn’t have the authority to pass that judgement on to the White County and Tennessee Christians. (The people she calls red). If she were a true Christian, she would know you dont knock your brother or sister down and then kick them…..Amen!!

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