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Woody Phillips
White County motorists may have passed by Coffman’s Mufflers and Brakes, at 357 W. Bockman Way, many times in the past few months and wondered if they could have saved money if they had just stopped for a minute to talk with the brotherly duo that now owns the business.
Charlie and Ron Coffman are brothers and partners in the business they opened in April 2007, and all they ask is to give them a chance to show what they can do, for less.
Prior to moving to White County, the Coffman brothers worked together for about 10 years in the area of Ocala, Fla. But when they got here, they brought with them more than 60 years of combined automotive repair knowledge.
When asked why they chose to leave the Sunshine State for Middle Tennessee, the answer seemed simple enough.
“We had been coming up here for years on vacation,” said Charlie, “and we just fell in love with the area.”
In case a person is thinking about “retirement in reverse,” the thought would be absolutely right. Of course, most folks think northerners, and even a few from the Tennessee area, might choose to drift south toward Florida, contemplating retiring there. But Ron and Charlie have spent many summer vacations here and thought they’d like to finish up their working careers and retire in White County.
Mufflers and brakes are the Coffman’s forte, but they also perform most other minor automotive repair and maintenance. And yet Charlie did stipulate Coffman’s Mufflers and Brakes is not set up for the computer-related automotive repairs.
“We don’t do overhauls,” said Charlie. “We’ll leave all of the computerized repairs to the dealers and others. But we will take care of your oil changes, belts and hoses.”
Charlie and Ron indicated their price for an oil change is a very reasonable $16.95. And that gets a vehicle owner top grade Valvoline oil, and they will fill up all other fluid levels, as well as vacuuming out the vehicle.
Getting back to mufflers and brakes, Charlie and Ron both agreed they would allow no one to outdo or undersell them.
“We don’t think people should have to pay for those other things like national advertising when all they really need is a muffler or a new set of brakes,” said Charlie. “If anyone will bring us a receipt or recent advertisement, we’ll meet it or beat it, guaranteed.”
And Charlie isn’t just talking about the everyday, “my muffler has just worn out, and I need a new one,” type of job. They do perform that job, and they do it well. But they also install custom mufflers, including high performance mufflers like “Flo-Max” and “Boom Tubes.”
Cars and trucks – they can fit them all. And, if the vehicle is an antique or collectable type, Charlie and Ron can help with that job, too.
“We’ve taken care of old Model A’s, ‘39s, ‘49s – you name it,” said Charlie. “We’ll make custom exhausts for them.”
And remember, Charlie and Ron said they guarantee their work.
“The nice part about this job is doing the work right the first time,” said Ron. “But sometimes it doesn’t take. And if that should happen, bring it back, and we’ll make it right.”
Coffman’s also offer a complete, full-service filling station. If a person is over the age of 20, well maybe 30, he might remember a time when someone actually came outside in all kinds of weather and pumped the gas, as well as washing the windshield and even checking the tire pressure occasionally.
Well, full-service is back at Coffman’s Mufflers and Brakes. It seems strange, somehow, to speak of something so old-fashioned, and yet as innovative as bringing back a bit of “service with a smile.”
Charlie explained why.
“This way we get to meet you,” he said. “Personal service has always been a bedrock ideal if someone wanted their business to grow. And we want our business to grow. Let us help take care of that car or truck you’ve already spent so much on.”
The Coffmans have indicated they are constantly checking the lowest gas prices in town and will always strive to match or beat them whenever possible. Add to that the full-service, and that’s quite a bargain.
But Charlie also knows everyone has a bad day once in a while.
“If we do something wrong tell us,” he insisted. “We won’t improve if you don’t let us know what you need and if we are doing it right. Put us to the test and give us a chance to be your one-stop service station for most of your immediate automotive needs.”
Coffman’s Mufflers and Brakes is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. They are contemplating adding another day of service on Saturday, but as Charlie stated, “We did come here with the intent to scale back a bit. Although, we also know never to say never.”
Bring that car or truck to Coffman’s Mufflers and Brakes and full-service filling station and enjoy a brand new page in history.

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