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Woody Phillips
First, the name “Geezer’s” has nothing to do with the age of those to whom Andy and Kym Cline sell their motorcycles.
It is, as they assured, a term of endearment proffered by some who prefer the smaller sport-type bikes over the larger, more comfortable types some call “Geezer Glides.”
Geezer’s has been open on the Smithville Highway since Dec. 1, 2006. And the White County motorcycle outlet is the culmination of a life’s ambition of co-owner Andy Cline.
“My sisters bought me a mini bike when I was 11 years old,” he said, “and I’ve been hooked ever since.”
Andy went on to explain how he bought his first cycle when he was 15. It was a used Italian flat-tracking machine called a Ducati 350 Single.
Andy has owned several since. Kym smiled and calculated there have been dozens of motorcycles since that first Ducati, which had a lot to do with the two of them deciding to open Geezer’s.
The Clines have another business, AC Cline Construction, the proceeds from which have made it possible for them to open Geezer’s.
“We build the houses, one a time, on the lake for ourselves,” said Andy. “We move into them until they are sold, and then we move on to the next.”
All this time, Andy and Kim were buying cycles, fixing them up, and trading them sporadically. Then came Oct. 23, 2006,and everything just seemed to come together.
First came the conversation that it was high time they acted on Andy’s dream. And then, as they were riding into Sparta not long afterward, they spied the building where they are now located, with a “For Rent” sign outside.
“It was as if it was meant to be,” as Kym phrased it. “The timing was right. ”
All of the cycles at Geezer’s are pre-owned, late-model, low mileage bikes. Prices will usually range from around $4,000 to $17,000.
“This is to ensure, whether it’s someone’s first bike or just their most recent purchase, we have a bike for anyone’s budget,” said Andy.
Geezer’s will carry names everyone will recognize instantly.
“We lean towards Harley Davidsons, personally,” said Andy, “but we will also stock a few Hondas, some Yamahas, Kawasakis, and Suzukis. They all make good products, and we want our customers to have as wide a choice as possible.”
And a customer is sure to find that one cycle meant just for him or her. A variety of sizes and styles will always be represented.
“If they going to be riding on the street [as opposed to off-road)],” said Andy, “we’d like to start them out on at least a 750-800 cc model, or bigger.”
There are smaller bikes, as Andy pointed out, but he feels people get tired of them quicker. He was asked what he would suggest if he was picking one out for someone who had always wanted to own a cycle, but was just now getting interested in buying one.
“I’d probably want to start them out with at least an 800 cc cruiser,” he said. “And while some may think they would like to initially get something smaller, I honestly believe they would get tired of a smaller bike in no time at all.”
The timing of it all, as Kym referred to earlier, had a lot to do with their decision to open Geezer’s. And timing is having a lot to do with their success thus far. It seems more people, as well as entire families, are enjoying riding together.
“There are a whole lot of people these days wanting to get a bike and ride,” he said. “It may be just husbands and wives at first. Then there will be a kid on the back of each bike. And before you know it, they’re back again, wanting to get a bike for one or more of their children. Families are riding together. The cycle mentality has changed. The old stereotypes are gone.”
However, there is more to Geezer’s Cycles than just motorcycles. They are also stocking several models of pre-owned four-wheelers.
Of course, service is a big thing, so Andy assures one and all Geezer’s Cycles will service anything they sell. Additionally, they will work on other bikes on a limited basis and by appointment only.
Geezer’s Cycles also carries a variety of cycle-related products. The number of accessories and such may be limited at this time, but they will be adding more as the need arises.
However, don’t think this is the beginning of a chain to come.
“Geezer’s will not get much bigger than it is right now,” according to Andy. “This is what I’ve dreamed about. This is where we need to be and as much as we can handle. This is just right.”
Geezer’s Cycles is at 1025 Smithville Highway. Business hours are noon-7 p.m., Tuesday-Friday, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m., every Saturday. Geezer’s Cycles is closed Sunday and Monday. Andy of Kym may be contacted at (931) 739- RIDE (7433).
Interested folks may also e-mail them at
And keep checking for their website at, which is under construction.
And, lastly, as a friend of the Clines once uttered, “Let’s ride.”

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