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I really hadn’t planned on writing a Pistol’s Points for this edition, but after a little chat I had with one of the senior football players, I decided I wanted to talk about something.
This conversation was with one of the players just in passing and got me to thinking about something.
It is homecoming week for White County High School, which brings along a little added pressure to win. The student body is more invested in what is going on this week and let me commend first year principal, Grant Swallows, on his efforts to restore more school spirit with the students. It seems to have fallen off in all sports, just not football, over the past few years.
It is no secret to anyone there has been a lot of things going on in and around the football program this season. No one has been willing to just let the kids play football and that is what they want to do. To quote this player, “I just want to play.”
Now let’s think about this statement. This player is in on probably 75 percent or more of the plays during the course of a game. He is playing, but still he feels like he is not being allowed to play.
We, and when I say we, I mean fans/critics of the football team have hurt this season of football.
These kids are being pulled in so many different directions; it is hard for them to play football. The players are the ones who are being hurt by all of this. Football is a sport that you have a small window of opportunity to play. I mean real football where you go out and hit people, not pull flags or touch with two hands.
All other sports, you can still play after your high school playing days are over even if you don’t go on and play in college or the pros. There are open leagues; intramural leagues or whatever, but nowhere else do you ever put on the pads and play again.
These young men have given their all to play for WCHS. They have given up their summers to work out and train. They just want to play football. Let’s allow them to do that and be in support of them, the kids no matter what.
All this “he said/she said” is destroying team chemistry. The players even started believing they couldn’t trust each other because of all the talking that has been going on surrounding the program.
Like most of the people in this county or in the stands, I never played football for obvious reasons. I had always loved football and been up in the crowd or sitting in front of the television watching. Almost 20 years ago, I took a job that put me in a vastly different place to watch the game. I learned very quickly at my first football game, that the football field and the sidelines were different from any other place I had been in all my years of sports. We got beat that night pretty solidly by Cumberland County and the sidelines was not a jovial place full of rainbows and sunshine.
I mean after all, it is a place where we encourage guys to go out there and hit people as hard as they can. You have to be tough to play. Sometimes, you have to be tough to be on the sidelines. I think I still have a crack in my ankle and some bruises from Jordan Armstrong being hit late out of bounds and he just happened to get knocked into the friendly neighborhood sports writer. I could have spent my fair share of time in the training room, but I toughed it out. Albeit, not without some complaining. Just ask Bobbi Severt and Jordan.
I will also let you know I am the worst armchair quarterback there is and it is just human nature to second guess. At least it is for me. I could not for the life of me figure why the Ravens went to the air on that one third and short the other day instead of handing off to Ray Rice. And what in the world was Rex Ryan thinking running the ball in that one situation instead of letting Mark Sanchez air it out? And not to mention, the Chiefs, I have no idea what is up with them? They can’t beat anybody right now and nothing is working.
You see Ray Rice and Mark Sanchez just happen to be on my fantasy football team and I really thought I knew what was best. Never mind that Harbaugh and Ryan are getting paid lots of money to make those decisions and are the ones who are held accountable; I still thought I knew better. The Chiefs, well, they have always just been my favorite team and are having a little bit of a hard time right now. I, however, after careful deliberation decided it was best to let Woody Johnson, Steve Bisciotti and Clark Hunt handle those things. (Johnson, Bisciotti and Hunt are the owners of the Jets, Ravens and Chiefs, respectively.) Besides I feel pretty sure none of my complaints toward my television or my computer on Sundays is doing much to damage team morale. I feel pretty sure Sanchez doesn’t know I feel that way, but if he gets wind of it, I will make sure to apologize personally.
If you are a true Warrior fan and I mean a true fan, let’s all make a concerted effort to get behind the TEAM for the rest of the season. This group of seniors has five regular season games left in their careers. Let’s put away all the animosity, negativity and hidden agendas and be WARRIOR fans for the rest of the season.
Those guys have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the program. I have been there and seen it.
I am a fan of the program. I cheer for everything maroon and gray whether it is golf, cross-country, football, basketball and everything in between. I don’t support one player or one coach. I support and love the Warriors, all of them.
Be positive and show them that we are in support of the team. It all starts Friday night. It’s a new season of Warrior football with five games left. Let’s make these last five regular season games for these seniors something special and set the stage for the future Warriors. Who knows what could happen?
Go Warriors!

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