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Tammy Wilhite
With threatening clouds overhead and thunder in the distance, the 98th commencement exercise of White County High School saw 240 graduates turn their tassels and receive their diplomas Thursday at Warrior Stadium.
The rains held off and allowed the graduation ceremony to be completed though at times it appeared rain would dampen the occasion.
That would not be the case.
The traditional Pomp and Circumstance welcomed the members of the 2006 class to their seats for the ceremony.
Justin Brown, a member of the class, gave the invocation just before WCHS assistant principal, Sandra Crouch, welcomed the capacity crowd to the 98th graduation at WCHS.
Crouch also announced that 98 percent of the class had chosen to spend their graduation night alcohol and drug free by attending Project Graduation, the 10th edition for WCHS.
Bobby Sparkman, another WCHS assistant principal, recognized four members of the class, Brent Lawson, Jonathan Burns, Colby Holman and Maddie Rose, for having 13 years of perfect attendance.
Sparkman also announced the monetary value of scholarships received by this class would be in excess in $1.5 million dollars.
The third WCHS assistant principal, Jerry Lowery, introduced the speakers for the night, co-valedictorians, Megan Farris and Amy Sims.
Farris was first to the podium and gave a speech entitled, “A Step of Faith.”
Farris spoke about “reflecting on the lessons we have learned in life and be humbled by those we have yet to learn.
The lessons of life are best taught b example and many of you have dedicated yourself to setting those examples.”
Farris talked about the different emotions felt by the graduates at this time and the different paths that the classmates would be taking.
She added, “No matter which end of the spectrum we relate to, our emotions are based on the uncertainty of the future.
Some may consider graduation as embarking on a leap of faith in life.
Faith is a way of life.”
She concluded with a wish for her classmates.
“May you walk with pride today, with hope tomorrow and with faith always.”
Sims followed with a message that drew analogies comparing graduation to some events common in life.
She began, “Class of 2006, this is our moment.
Time to step forward.
Every one of us has succeeded and tonight is the finish line of a race.
In a marathon, some runners make it smoothly to the end yet others have to make stops and barely make it to their goal.
Regardless of how they finish, they all succeed.
Everyone of us tonight has finished the race.”
Sims compared the journey thus far to learning to ride a bike with parents helping along the way.
She noted, “Some crash.
Some glide right through with no problem.
We are in control of what happens from here.”
She also compared the next phase of the graduate’s life to the pressure that is endured when a rocket or spaceship takes off on a journey.
“We are facing the most critical stages of our life and it is extremely important to make good decisions.
Now as graduates, no one can hold the handlebars for you except you.
Now is the time to hold strong to personal convictions.
Now the training wheels are off and graduates, we have come to the fork in the road.
Sims concluded by reading from Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and asked a question to end.
“Now graduates, I ask you.
Where are our steps leading your?”
Following the two speakers, WCHS principal, Charles Dycus presented the Class of 2006 to Director of Schools, Donny Haley, who validated the diplomas.
Each member of the class then made their way to the stage to officially receive their respective diploma.
After each student made the tradition walk across the stage, class president, accepted the diplomas for his class and led his mates through the moving of the tassel symbolizing the graduation from high school.
Caleb Kidd gave the benediction which brought the ceremony to a close.

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