Mexican crystal meth delivered to Sparta woman

Posted By | April 23, 2006 12:00 am

Jody Sliger
A 45-year-old Sparta woman was arrested Monday after she accepted a package from a delivery service that containing crystal meth.
According to detectives Chris Isom and John Ford, of White County Sheriff Department, Brenda Sweatt Beard, 45, of Sparta, was arrested and charged with multiple drug offenses after the drug task force agent investigated a package set to be delivered to Beard by a White County delivery service.
Isom and Ford said Deputy Dale Bumbalough, of White County Sheriff Department, had received information from the delivery service a shipment of ‘Mexican ice’ [crystal meth] had been discovered.
When asked about how the package contents were discovered, Isom said from his understanding if there is any discrepancy in the tracking number or billing information on a package, the delivery company has the right to open the package.
“So when they opened the package, they found a DVD box overstuffed, and inside was the crystal meth,” said Isom. “They were more than cooperative with us.”
Isom and Ford, as well as Detective Tommy Simmons, Sheriff James O’Conner, and Bumbalough, joined the drug task force agent in the back of a look-alike delivery van.
“What they did was they got a look-alike van and an undercover officer in a look-alike uniform and went out and delivered the meth,” said Isom. “The meth was very clear, very pure-quality crystal meth. There was 49 grams of crystal meth packed into a DVD case.
“As soon as the transfer was made, we bailed out of the back of the van and arrested the concerned parties.”
Beard’s name was listed as the recipient of the package.
“A male subject was involved, but he was not arrested so his name will not be released,” said Isom.
The illegal substance tax assessor was also on the scene to collect the tax money.
“Several thousand dollars were collected in taxes,” said Isom.
Beard was charged with drug manufacture, delivery and sale; possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia; and drug possession. Her bond was set at $75,000.
Beard will make her initial appearance in White County General Sessions Court on April 21, 2006.

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