Miller appointed new assessor of property

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Kim Swindell Wood
The small courtroom of the White County Courthouse was filled to capacity on Monday night, as the audience awaited the final decision of the county commission about the new assessor of property. Within 15 minutes, the suspense was over for the 18 applicants and their well-wishers, as Tina Miller, current deputy assessor, was voted to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Kathy Hunter.
Miller, who served under the administration of Hunter for 11 years, was appointed during the first round of voting. She received 11 votes, which included Wallace Austin, David Copeland, Terry Alley, Jerry Lowery, Gary Cox, Jerry Austin, Kenneth Milligan, Jerry Denton, Dewayne Howard, Jim Teeple and Patrick Haller. Loyd Hutchings cast his vote for Vanessa Hitchcock, while Raymond England chose Sheila Meeks Vinson. B.K. Luna did not vote and declared “amended motion” when his name was called.
Hunter, who recently resigned her position to move to Alabama, was in the audience and visibly overcome with emotion after the final decision was announced. “I am just so happy for Tina,” she said. “She will do a wonderful job.”
The other 17 applicants included David Broyles, Andrea Winstead, Vanessa Hitchcock, John Knox, Janice O’Connor, Sheila Meeks Vinson, Joe Broyles, Terry Whitson, Carolyn Sullivan Mason, Terri Brock, Ben Sparkman, Bill Stacy Davis, Diann Goney, Donald Wright, Ron Noonan, Janet Jared and Cynthia Polston Kinnaird.
In other business, the resolution to adopt the authority to enact a nuisance resolution had been recommended for discussion by Steering Committee A.
“I’d like to start this out by commending the commission,” said Dewayne Howard. “I would also like to commend the representative [Charles Curtiss]. There are still questions with no surety to them. It has never gotten a two-thirds approval. The previous commission scuttlebutt was some had personal interests, and that was the reason some of them wouldn’t vote for it.’
Howard said polls he had conducted revealed approximately 80 percent of White County residents were against a nuisance resolution. He also stated the county commissioners could not change the wording of the resolution. “We should vote this down and go on to something else,” said Howard. “This is too void and too vague.”
Patrick Haller responded to Howard’s comments. “I respect Commissioner Howard’s opinions,” he said. “I contacted the county attorney [Denny Mitchell] and he said we could delete wording, but we could not add to it.”
Gary Cox stood and said, “I would rise to support this resolution. The county attorney said it would be good for the county. Representative Curtiss said we could write it within the guidelines set for us. It takes two-thirds majority, two consecutive times. I do know without it, the citizens have no protection.”
A roll call vote was taken and commissioners voting in favor of passing the resolution included Wallace Austin, Terry Alley, Jerry Lowery, Gary Cox, Jerry Austin, Kenneth Milligan and Patrick Haller. The nay votes included David Copeland, B.K. Luna, Jerry Denton, Raymond England, Dewayne Howard, Jim Teeple and Loyd Hutchings. The motion failed to pass.
The meeting continued, with Herd Sullivan, county executive, giving three recommendations for members of the E-911 Board of Directors. Kenneth Milligan currently holds a seat on the board in lieu of Sullivan. Sullivan recommended Milligan for the next term, along with Sherry Vinson and Kirk Young.
B.K. Luna asked if the commission had to accept all three nominations. It was determined the procedure to follow was to either accept or reject the entire group of names. The seven commissioners voting to accept the nominations as presented by Sullivan included Wallace Austin, David Copeland, Terry Alley, Jerry Lowery, Gary Cox, Jerry Austin and Jerry Denton. The five nay votes included B.K. Luna, Raymond England, Dewayne Howard, Jim Teeple and Loyd Hutchings. Haller and Milligan passed.
Other business included:
– Report from Solid Waste Committee
– Approval of notaries
The White County Board of Commissioners meets at 7 p.m., the third Monday of each month. The next meeting will be Jan. 20, 2003.

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