#Moscow Mitch: Senator McConnell isn’t happy with anyone insulting his integrity or patriotism

Posted By | August 5, 2019 8:36 am

Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

Senator McConnell, like most human beings doesn’t like being called derogatory names for no reason.  In fact, he was rather upset by that name and an editorial in the Washington Post, written by Dana Milbank, calling Senator McConnell a Russian asset. Mitch took to the Senate floor to defend himself by declaring he’s fought against Russia’s aggressive behavior, in the past.  His speech is now part of the official congressional record.  It was interesting to see Mitch McConnell show any emotion on the floor of the Senate.  I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered Mitch McConnell proudly calling himself the “Grim Reaper.”  He is proud of the fact that he kills so many bills that could help the American people in one way or another.  Donald Trump may have the power to issue Executive Orders to get whatever he wants or his corporate supporters want, but Mitch McConnell has the power to stop any forward progress for the betterment and security of our country.  As I stated before, this makes the Senate majority leader one very powerful man, in Washington D.C.

One of the reasons Senator McConnell has earned various derogatory nicknames and questions about his patriotism has to do with the blockage of several partisan and bipartisan bills passed by the House and others written in the Senate that have been developed to secure our elections and make them less vulnerable to cyberattacks from foreign counties.  Reports from Robert Mueller and other intelligence agencies state this has happened, and it’s still happening.  It has been verified by the intelligence agencies the Russians infiltrated voting and registration systems in all 50 states.  Data that has been gathered does not show this breach may have changed anyone’s vote. The main reason this can’t be verified through an audit is the lack of paperwork or paper ballots.

One of the bills that has had support from both parties in the House and the Senate is one that would require all states to use some form of paper ballots.  Agreement on how to implement this and the details of how it would work are a little sketchy for one major reason – Senator McConnell will not allow any of these proposals to be discussed and debated.  It is his firm belief paper ballots are unnecessary to make our elections more secure and the results more reliable.  Surprisingly, even Donald Trump tweeted out on July 30th his support of paper ballots as backup. Yet, Mitch is holding firm to his own resolution to do nothing more to secure our nation’s elections.

Everyone seems to have a theory as to why Mitch McConnell is being so stubborn about these proposals.  Of course, the big one that earned him the offensive nicknames and questioning of his loyalty to America is that Mitch seems to be getting help from various Russian oligarchs to keep him in office.  Senator McConnell was especially vehement against passing any legislation that would require presidential campaigns to report any offers of assistance from foreign government agents directly to the FBI.  Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) wanted all campaigns to be included, not just presidential campaigns.  Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore), Tom Cotton (R-Ark), Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) also wanted legislation to protect lawmakers from foreign cyberattacks.  Senator Wyden commented, “The majority leader, our colleague from Kentucky, must stop blocking this common-sense legislation and allow this body to better defend itself against foreign hackers.”

One interesting note about Mitch McConnell’s “relationship” with the Russians was brought to light earlier this year.  The U.S. Treasury Department, prodded by Donald Trump, decided to lift the sanctions on a Russian oligarch and close friend of Vladimir Putin, Oleg Deripaska.  He was involved in a battle for control of Russia’s aluminum industry in the 1990’s amid reports of being engaged in theft, intimidation, bribery, and even the murder of a Russian banker. Typically, none of those claims could be substantiated.  Because of Mr. Deripaska’s ties to Rusal, a Russian aluminum company, the company had been barred from doing business in the United States.  In January 2019, the sanctions were lifted after Mr. Deripaska reduced his ownership of the company from 70 percent to 45 percent. Rusal is the world’s second largest aluminum manufacturing business.  Former disgraced Senator David Vitter runs a lobbying firm that represents Rusal.

Congress wasn’t please by this turn of events, and the House voted overwhelmingly, including 70 percent of Republicans, to continue the sanctions against Mr. Deripaska.  The Senate was also leaning that way with strong Republican support, until Mitch McConnell stepped in to approve Donald Trump and the Treasury Department’s decision to lift the sanctions and allow Mr. Deripaska to do business in the United States.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  According to some reports, David Vitter had given Senator McConnell a “heads up” that Rusal would build a new aluminum plant, in Kentucky, bringing millions of dollars into their economy, along with thousands of jobs.  Along the way, Wendy Vitter, David Vitter’s wife, had been nominated for a federal judgeship.  She failed so miserably during her confirmation hearing, her paperwork wasn’t withdrawn, but it was buried.  Shortly after this whole deal was completed, Mitch McConnell pulled Mrs. Vitter’s paperwork and gave her another shot at confirmation.  Lo and behold, this time around she was confirmed for a lifetime position as a federal judge.  Nothing suspicious about that.

Senator McConnell expresses bewilderment as to why anyone would question his loyalty to the United States, his patriotism, or his connections to Russia.  Maybe he didn’t notice what people were saying about him because he was too busy playing the “Grim Reaper”, killing 120-plus bills passed by the House.  Senator McConnell really believes he is untouchable.  His 2020 re-election campaign is coming up. Name calling could be the least of his worries, his powerful “friends” in high places may be a much bigger problem.

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  1. Comment by Eula Barlow

    August 5, 2019 at 11:08 am

    Put him in the same boat as all other RICH career congress and ship them to RUSSIA. they deserve each other. Newt Gingride was no better.

  2. Comment by Andrew Duvall

    August 5, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Mitchie-Pooh, you have given your allegiance to the Pootie-pie. Do not be sad. Few people make mistakes any worse than the ones you have made. (AND) You are not, in your head, doing anything wrong, because you have lost your direction, sense of dignity and any touch with the things you are doing.

  3. Comment by Dan Bowman

    August 5, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Miss Wines wasn’t it the Democrat’s “hanging chads” that forced us to change from a system that was not hack-able and created a paper trail that could be audited? You state that all 50 states had their registration files compromised? The highest number I could find was 39? And you say the voting “systems” of all 50 states were hacked? Miss Wines our Tennessee machines have no way to hook up to the internet and neither do most voting machines. Maybe you could explain to us how machines that don’t go over the internet could be hacked? The last Democrat “voting emergency” was just a few people lacking the ability to understand a voting system (punch the chad next to the candidate you want to vote for) much simpler than the one that replaced it. And cost us millions in the process! I am no fan of McConnell but you would do better to look into his history with China than Russia.Oh and you might want to check out your front runner Joe Biden and his family connections to Chinese cash. Just tryin’ to help…

  4. Comment by Ron C.

    August 6, 2019 at 1:43 am

    Mtich McConnell is deeeeppppp into the deep state. He is the definition of a RINO and I for one wish him luck in civilian life. He often blocks any progress on bills that would pass. Yes, I will goes as far as to say he is quietly the Nancy Pelosi of the Senate.

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