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Posted By | April 19, 2005 12:00 am

Jody Sliger
Pawnshops can be found in almost every town in America, ranging from the corner ‘mom and pop’ outfit to the upscale that looks more like a jewelry store than a typical pawnshop.
The newest shop in town is Freedom Pawn and owner, Steve Grissom says, “I started looking for another business to invest in.” So after visiting several different pawnshops across Tennessee, Grissom decided to hit a ‘middle of the road’ example.
“We will keep everything clean, treat everyone with professionalism and have things priced to move.”
Grissom has had great success with his other Sparta business, Volunteer Communications, a Verizon wireless store, which specializes in service.
Grissom grew up in Warren County and said, “I have always liked Sparta. I joined the Air Force at 21 and then spent 22 years in the service.”
The principal of pawnshops and pawnbroking has been around for years; people own something of value they use for collateral for a short-term loan. Pawnbrokers loan the money for a specified amount of time at a pre-determined rate of interest. When the loan and interest is repaid, people get their belongings back. If the loan is not repaid, the pawnbroker keeps the collateral and then offers it for sale to the general public. Or the interest can be paid and the ‘loan’ extended.
Typically, Freedom Pawn will carry the basic items such as jewelry, tools, electronics, CD’s, VHS and DVD’s, household appliances, computer equipment, musical instruments and more.
One area where Freedom will be different from most other pawnshops is dealing with guns because they have received a special license ‘for pawnbrokers only’ that allows them to take in and sell used firearms.
Pawnshops have carried a stigma for many years as being the place to go to sell or purchase stolen goods.
“Pawnshops are the most regulated businesses in America,” said Grissom. “If you bring in stolen items, you will get caught.
“Everything with a serial number is logged and the list is supplied to law enforcement within 48 hours,” he continued.
With the ‘Brady Law’ on gun control, anyone who attempts to purchase a gun will submit to a background check with the TBI.
In fact, even if someone pawns a gun, when they come back in to retrieve it, they will have to be cleared with this thorough TBI background check.
“If you pawn your granddaddy’s shotgun, and when you come back in to pick it up, the background check finds something, you don’t get the gun,” said Grissom. “If you are denied, there are procedures you can go through if you think there has been a mistake. And the only person who can retrieve a pawned gun is the one who pawned it.”
This regulation helps puts guns back into the accountability system.
Not only will they pawn items if someone needs cash; Freedom Pawn will also buy quality items outright.
“If someone has good, usable items they are not using and they just want to sell them outright, bring them on by,” said Grissom.
Grissom will also sell new guns at very reasonable prices. “I will order whatever gun you want and simply charge 10 percent over cost, plus shipping and handling,” he said. “I have a catalog for people to stop by and look through. We also have a layaway program.”
So if you have stuff and need some cash, pawn it at or sell it to Freedom Pawn. Grissom and his capable staff will help fill your needs.

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