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Posted By | September 26, 2019 2:03 pm

Amy and Daniel Lipinski are excited about opening a new restaurant in downtown Sparta. (Photo by RACHEL AUBERGER)

By Rachel Auberger

The building on the corner of Maple and South Main streets has been vacant for a long time, but that is about to change because Amy and Daniel Lipinski are opening an American grill style restaurant, at 1 East Maple.

“We will have an evolving set menu,” Daniel explained. “We are going to start out with items that we think the public will want, but we will take items off the menu if they aren’t what the people here are looking for, and we will add more popular items.”

The new restaurant, conveniently named for its address, will have a feature board with daily or weekly specials to go along with its set menu. The popular items that Daniel Lipinski spoke about will be customers’ favorites from that board. According to both Lipinskis, if an item on the feature board is repeatedly requested, then it may simply become a permanent menu item.

“We aren’t married to any one style of food or item,” Daniel Lipinski said. “We ware willing to do whatever works to make this place a success.”

When 1 East Maple opens next month, they will begin with a lunch menu that includes sandwiches and chips, along with appetizers and desserts that will be served 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Wednesday-Sunday. Along with their menu selections, the Lipinskis will also be serving up craft beers, including three or four selections of Calfkiller and beer cocktails.

“This is going to be a full-service restaurant, however,” Amy Lipinski said. “It’s not ‘beer food.’ We will seat you, take your order, serve you, and let you make your payment all at your table.”

According to Amy Lipinski, the goal is within a few short weeks to move from just being open for lunch to reopening again from 5-9 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday for dinner. She said a separate dinner menu will be served, and, while it will include the same appetizers and desserts as the lunch menu, it will consist of dishes ranging from gumbo to lasagna to chicken to prime rib.

“We will really have a very eclectic menu,” she said and emphasized that, again, the feature board will be utilized to let them know what it is that their patrons would like to have offered on a regular basis.

1 East Maple will be able to serve approximately 70 people on the first floor through main seating, bar seating, and standing cocktail tables that the Lipinskis hope customers will utilize while waiting for a table. Additionally, there will be a private party room upstairs that will allow them to accommodate groups of 20.

When asked why they decided to start this business on Liberty Square, Amy Lipinski talked about growing up in a small town and loving the atmosphere that Sparta provides. She talked about returning to her roots and wanting to be in a place that felt like home.

“This is our home now, and I hope that when people visit our restaurant, that they will feel like guests in our home and always will feel welcome,” Amy Lipinski said. “I hope that we will become friends, and it will always feel like they are just stopping by for a visit.”

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  1. Comment by Glenn McRoberts

    September 26, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    I believe being open Monday and Tuesday is definitely important. Other restaurants are closed then and you could capitalize on this. Just saying.

  2. Comment by Karen Coriell

    September 27, 2019 at 3:12 am

    It would be really nice for one restaurant in town to be open on Monday and Tuesday evenings instead of only having chains as a choice.

  3. Comment by Tom

    September 28, 2019 at 2:41 am

    Dang, first 2 comments are complaints. C’mon Sparta people, be happy someone is willing to change the restaurant landscape at all. If you want them open more often, patronize them while they ARE open. I’m sure they will expand hours if the demand calls for it. Starting slowly with a flexible starting menu is smart. I, for one, welcome this new eatery with open arms.

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