Oh, what tangled webs are being woven in the name of politics

Posted By | September 9, 2019 2:38 pm

Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

Democrats aren’t perfect. Like Republicans, they are human beings.  They have been on the wrong side of history several times, but they eventually come back to their core values, and, yes, Democrats do have morals and values.  Greed, corruption, and power grabbing are visible in both political parties, and it has gotten more obvious and uglier in the last several years.  Both parties have taken advantage of the less restrictive laws governing campaign financing.  In the 2016 elections, a growing number of Democrats and Independents, along with some Republicans, were disgusted by both the major candidates who made it to the General Election.  Many Democrats felt the DNC allowed their obsession with power to override any common sense, while they ignored the desires expressed by many of their members. The result was Donald Trump, a reality TV star and so-called “successful businessman,” became president of the United States of America.

It’s no secret that I believe Donald Trump is one of the most ignorant, self-serving, narcissistic human beings ever to walk the earth, and the fact that he is the president still has me shaking my head.  I understand there are people who worship him and believe God put him in the White House, yet I do not understand their thinking.  I’ve tried to make sense of his power over these “true” believers.  I understand people felt they needed a change in the status quo of Washington D.C.  I understand they believed him when he kept repeating “Make American Great Again” and “America First.” I understand why they accepted his promises of bringing jobs back to America and rebuilding our manufacturing industries.  I was upset when he won the election, because I’ve known about Trump’s inability to keep his promises, but I hoped he would make an effort to give the American people some of those “products” he sold to those who believed and voted for him.

It has been one very long shell game with Donald Trump, the master of the con.  It seems that every day brings a little more insanity from the White House and the Trump administration.  Some of his administration’s proposed and implemented policies for running the federal government have been confusing and so far off the wall that even well-heeled Beltway Insiders and seasoned political reporters have been left scratching their heads.

Steven Miller’s immigration policies are just one example.  What had been working for many people now is being thrown out the window, with no rhyme or reason, and the people responsible for enforcing these changes have no idea how or exactly who is supposed to enforce all of his questionable policies.  There are military veterans, who were promised a path to citizenship after they completed their service to America, being deported instead.  There are people who have green cards, some married to American citizens, being deported for minor infractions of a law 20-plus years ago when they were teenagers.  Is the fact that the majority of these people are not white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants the reason for this?

I don’t understand the attitude of some people who believe that every refugee who crosses our southern border, is considered illiterate and unskilled.  Yes, I do understand many of these refugees have committed a “crime” by crossing illegally because they were desperate to find safety in America.  I have seen and read numerous reports about these refugees. Many of them speak and read English. Numerous people had good jobs in their homeland but were threatened by gangs and members of their own government because they wouldn’t submit to the threats they faced. They left everything behind in order to seek safety for themselves and their family members.  To describe all these people as illiterate and/or unskilled is not only a disgusting assumption but it is also the most anti-Christian viewpoint I have heard.  Perhaps people making these claims should open their New Testament and read the words of Jesus and not let others interpret the meanings for them.

I can admit some Democrats have strayed from their core beliefs.  The new progressive members of the Democratic Party are pushing the party back to their roots.  We were the party of the people, not of business; that was what the Republican Party represented.  In order for our country to function properly and for Democracy to survive, it means both parties must work together.  Compromise does not mean giving the other party everything they demand.   Unfortunately, many long-term Democrats, in Congress, have either forgotten the true art of compromise, or they are too busy doing the bidding of their corporate donors.  Both parties are guilty of trying to protect their own power and status with their special interest donors.  The current progressive Democrats in Congress are fighting for the PEOPLE who put them in office. No matter what your political affiliation may be, they are working for the majority, not the privileged few.

It does not help the majority of people in this country to have one man, Mitch McConnell, holding up ANY and ALL bills that do not benefit his bank account or his contributors.  He is not doing his job to protect our Constitution.  Right now, McConnell, Trump, and the Trump Administration are holding our way of governing hostage for their own enrichment and power.  What promises did Donald Trump make to the American people, and how many has he really kept?  Be honest with yourselves.  Every financial expert, other than those in Trump’s pocket, have said we are heading, very quickly, to a recession.  Some people may survive it, but many people will be much worse off then they are now.  I remember Trump saying only he could fix our economy, and everybody would be “winners.”  He said he would eliminate our debt in two years.  Be honest with yourself, he has made it worse with his insane plans and programs.  How long can you survive this presidential insanity?

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  1. Comment by Jay Dee Hanna

    September 11, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    Interesting commentary seeing as most Democrats continue to emphatically insist no one is above the law. Does that go for those who cross our borders illegally? Record unemployment, record wages, record home ownership for blacks and Hispanics alike, I would think some good has taken place since Trump has been elected. I can also assure Donald Trump has not increased his wealth by becoming President as the Clintons and Obama’s have done so.

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