One issue Republicans and Donald Trump think could hurt them in the upcoming elections

Posted By | February 11, 2020 7:53 am

Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

Donald Trump is a proven pathological liar.  His supporters and the majority of the Republican Party have accepted this and don’t seem to have an issue with it.  In the upcoming presidential election, his lies will be ignored as Trump being Trump loudly shouts, “Look at our economy!” and declares he did this all by himself.  Republicans will ignore the fact that the “big boom” on Wall Street is not the best indicator of a successful economy.  They will ignore the fact that our national debt is at an all-time high and growing every day.  They don’t worry about those issues.  They can dance their way around any criticism people may have, as long as they repeat their leader’s mantra.  The one thing they are afraid to discuss in public is any honest talk about healthcare and what they are proposing to do to it.

Mr. Trump has told all Americans he is the only one who will fight to save healthcare insurance that includes pre-existing condition coverage.  That is a bald-faced lie, and every Republican legislator in the Congress knows that is a lie.  Yet, they keep their mouths shut because they know their constituents want better, affordable healthcare that covers pre-existing conditions.  The polls show this issue is extremely important to the majority of voters.  If Republicans were honest and told them they are trying to reduce their insurance coverage, while raising premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, and re-instating caps on yearly and lifetime medical expenses, they know it would negatively impact their re-election chances.

The Republicans have been fighting to eliminate the Affordable Care Act since it was passed.  They did their best to weaken various aspects of the law and have succeeded in some areas.  There were flaws in the ACA, and it was understandable; as with any new law, things had to be tweaked.  I was a bit surprised when Republicans wanted to shut the ACA down because of the trouble people initially had getting online to sign up for the program. They used this problem to strengthen their talking points that the whole program was crap.  Perhaps they never worked in a business when computers or programs were installed or upgraded.  No matter how hard system analysts and programmers work to make sure everything functions properly, the real test came when real-life users start accessing the system.  When a system is designed to accommodate X number of users at a time, but when the number of actual users is hundreds of times higher than was anticipated, programs freeze, access is denied, and systems crash.  Those situations should have shown the popularity and needs of the general public to enroll in health insurance coverage the people could afford.

In my opinion, one of the things that shouldn’t have been done was to allow states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion.  I know it was ruled as illegal to force states to take the money to help support the Affordable Care Act and give more access to people who needed health insurance.  Sadly, this decision has had a long-reaching impact on people in states that refused the Medicaid expansion option.  We can feel the impact right here in Tennessee where we are seeing our rural hospitals closing, leaving giant holes in the needed healthcare of our fellow citizens.

This hasn’t stopped the Republican Party and Donald Trump from quietly doing whatever they can to weaken and destroy the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and then lie about it.  Mr. Trump keeps spreading the lie that he and the Republicans have a great plan to replace the ACA.  “It will be much less expensive.  Deductibles will be much lower,” he stated soon after one of his top health officials, Seema Verma testified to Congress, under oath, that they would do everything they could for Americans with pre-existing conditions.  I guess she didn’t know when she testified that the Trump administration was pushing a lawsuit that would eliminate the Affordable Care Act in its entirety.  If that lawsuit succeeds, protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions will disappear.

When asked by Congress for details of this new “TrumpCare,” Ms. Verma refused to share any details of the plan.  Nothing new there, since 2010, Republicans have voted over 70 times to “Repeal and Replace ACA” and have NEVER presented the American public with ANY plan, not even a half-baked one.  They don’t care about the health of Americans, especially not the Americans who don’t make the kind of money they or their friends do.

Mr. Trump and the Republicans in Congress have been defunding the law’s mandatory cost-sharing payments, which will increase premiums by 25 percent, in 2020.  They cut 90 percent of the funding that went to advertise the dates for yearly enrollment for the ACA.  Donald Trump signed an executive order to create “garbage” insurance plans, which raise premiums, reduce coverage, and allow insurance companies to eliminate any coverage for pre-existing conditions.

When we hear anything about universal healthcare and single-payer healthcare programs, the Republican Party, along with Donald Trump, keep saying that it is “socialism,” which they equate to communism, and it must therefore be ANTI-AMERICAN!  Yes, “Medicare for all” is a type of socialism, just like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for retirees and the disabled.  It is the same type of socialism that pays for our roads, police, firefighters, teachers, public education and every other benefit we have when we pay our taxes.  Those taxes come from our income, gas and sales taxes, property taxes, and who knows how many other taxes we pay, no matter where we live in this country.  Let’s not forget that our “taxes” pay the salary of our legislators on every level.  We don’t pay for the “benefits” or “income” they receive from other sources.  The point is they work for us, and we should be getting a better bang for our bucks.

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  1. Comment by John R Krol

    February 11, 2020 at 5:45 pm

    Greetings. I just share a video of Glenn Beck if you’re able to view it. Everyone should start loving each other because you don’t know how much we have all been saved already. It’s not about party but, good versus evil and it’s worldwide. Justice is on its way and the reason Trump looks and sounds the way he does is because he is in the biggest fight of his life and at the request of the good guys in our own military, he volunteered. Soon everything will be revealed and how bad did things get that famous people had to fake their own deaths. Thank You God and God Bless You All.

  2. Comment by John R Krol

    February 11, 2020 at 6:28 pm


    Q – The Plan To Save The World (Subtitles)

  3. Comment by Tom

    February 11, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    With all the terrible, evil deeds that Trump stands accused of, why is it you can’t find a Democrat capable of defeating him?

    I guess you’ll just have to deal with 5 more years of the Trump Presidency… unless your head explodes first.

    One new Federal Appeals Court judge this week. 4 more Federal Court judges next week. Lifetime appointments of Conservative justices. Trump’s legacy will truly put this country back on track.

    Make America Great Again. Keep America Great.

    God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

  4. Comment by Barbara Rosensteel

    February 14, 2020 at 12:12 am

    Why is it that those who are commenting are not addressing what you wrote about – healthcare, for-profit insurance companies, Medicaid, and closing hospitals? Because they can’t. They have no facts and no evidence on their side. All they care about is getting their right-wing conservative ideologues into the judiciary, while everything else that makes this country great in the history of the world – including our Constitution and the rule of law – are being destroyed by the authoritarian Trump and his venal acolytes, and their heads are so deep into the disinformation and propaganda that they refuse to see it. They seem to want a theocracy in addition, but what they (and us) will get is a totalitarian autocracy if Trump gets another 4 years. The definition of totalitarianism is:
    A system of government in which the people have virtually no authority and the state wields absolute control, for example, a dictatorship.
    a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
    the principle of complete and unrestricted power in government

  5. Comment by Venal Acolyte

    February 17, 2020 at 11:22 am

    Venal Acolyte… I like that. Sounds better than “deplorable”. Question for you: if I’m a venal acolyte, can I still be deplorable? I worked hard for the “deplorable” descriptor. Hate to give it up.

    God Bless Your President and Mine: Donald John Trump!

    5 More Years and many more conservative justices!

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