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My recent ‘opinion’ articles have focused on the very real and grave danger that threatens the very existence of our country and the possibility of a civil uprising.  This is not … more
For a long time now, since the Nixon administration - essentially, though there were traces before then - the American right has heralded itself as the only true patriotic philosophy. Liberals, they … more
 A good case can be made that the Eighth Commandment, “Do Not Steal,” is the one commandment that encompasses all the others. How does “Do Not Steal” encompass the … more
I talked in this column before about the differences between liberal and conservative approaches. Liberals, I pointed out, are usually focused on changing things - from their perspective - for the … more
On Nov. 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, was elected as our nation’s 16th president.  In 1843, 17 years before his successful campaign for the presidency, Lincoln had run for a seat … more
Do we realize how important and essential property ownership is to liberty? Our founders knew how essential property ownership was to every inherent right. We must understand the proper definition … more
Another week gone, some lessons learned? I guess we will find out as we go along. You know, it is not every day that a Democrat does such a lousy job that even the “fair and independent” … more
 On a daily basis, with rare exception, I think - sometimes fleetingly and other times at length - about the greatness of our country and the freedoms bequeathed to us by our … more
 Today, I want to once more explore some political terms and put them in historical context. This time, we’ll tackle liberal and conservative and touch on progressive.  As … more
 It is time to call our government to account. Many of us have talented young members of our families that many times are liberal. It is time to call them out! There are (or should be) things … more
The economic concept of private property refers to the rights owners have to the exclusive use and disposal of a physical object. Property is not a table, a chair, or an acre of land. It is the … more
Have we already forgotten the last election? The one just past? To many it may seem that we have. When I wrote a few weeks ago about the fraud that was easily observable in several states, someone … more
The principle of the inherent right to possess is embodied in the 5th & 7th Amendments to the Constitution when it declares that “No person shall… be deprived of life, liberty, or … more
The curious spelling of the word (Re)public in the title of this opinion commentary is designed to convey the fact that the American PUBLIC is the lifeblood of our Constitutional Federal Republic, … more
 I’d like to talk this week about two concepts that may not mean exactly what you’d initially think: liberalism and republicanism. Now, I’m not talking about the 21st century … more
Government land grabs are becoming more and more prevalent every day. The federal government is seizing up more and more private land under the auspices of environmental preservation and national … more
 Know what word scares people nowadays more than any other? “Privi-lege.” Bring it up and many white people’s eyes glaze over, or they immediately become defensive. … more
 Just a few days ago, in late February, Ted Cruz, a highly regarded Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Texas, introduced important legislation on the floor of the U.S. Senate.  The … more
 There was a time long ago when everyone recycled their own trash. Paper was used as a fire-starter in the stove or fireplace. Most everyone raised a garden and canned their own vegetables so … more
Good morning and welcome everybody! Let us resume where we left off last week on our listing of our friends and our enemies in political terms. We had made some headway when we had to stop and … more
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