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Last week, I closed by describing several CIA/state department actions in the 1950s that many citizens might find shocking or disturbing. Helping overthrow democratically-elected governments in … more
When you describe the United States, you could describe the political system or history, but basically the United States is our home. There is one set of rules for those who live inside our home. … more
 I was watching a high school girls’ basketball game tonight, and I made the comment that one team seemed to play without any intention. Some familiar with sports may understand what I … more
 Last week, I ended with a reference to two-time-Pulitzer-winning journalist Walter Lippman’s words in his 1947 book Cold War. He warned that the West’s penchant for seeing … more
On Dec. 7, Malaki Dowell, along with his family and a group of coaches, dressed up in suits and ties to attend the Mr. Football Award ceremony held at Nissan Stadium. Four-hundred-thirty student … more
 Last week, I introduced a brief series of columns on the subject of hegemony. If you missed part 1, I will give you a quick review. Hegemony is when one among a cohort of powerful countries, … more
You don’t have to listen to many voices discuss history to understand that most only acknowledge anything prior to the European settlement of the Americas when it suits their purposes. … more
I asked you to imagine I had a magic wand that would make Troy Smith agree with my opinions. Now, I want you to imagine my magic wand would work on everyone. Imagine I could make the entire … more
After several columns in a row that have been primarily about the current political climate, I’ve decided to go out on a limb and do a deep historical dive in order to provide a broader … more
 As the title I chose for this column indicates, it is a Liberal Dose -specifically, a reaction to the events of the day (and from history) from a left-leaning perspective. As Will Rogers … more
A father and son were talking while hunting. The son asked, “Dad, is it better to be right or to win the argument?” His father responded that it was better to be right. The son then … more
 This article is being revised at 1:16 p.m., on Thursday the 17th, because I can’t let Troy Smith’s article today go completely unanswered. Let me accurately summarize his 650-word … more
Happy Thanksgiving. I love this holiday - the chill in the air, the comforting traditional foods, the emphasis on family. A lot of my Native American friends are not as fond of it, for obvious … more
 Ben Franklin is credited with saying that “A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.” What the heck does that mean, and why should you think about … more
I added this intro after reading Troy Smith’s column last week. I appreciate his kind words. I will echo his sentiment about disagreeing but still being respectful. I have often debated with … more
This is the last column before election day. It is, therefore, my final opportunity to fulfill my promise from a couple of weeks ago to talk about what makes these midterms so important. As is so … more
 John Gottlied started his first column by introducing himself and telling about his background. It occurs to me that I never did that, I just jumped right in with the arguing part back in … more
 I have a truckload of articles ready to submit and here I am again, starting another article after being inspired to respond to my friend’s column “Vote to support our schools, our … more
This is just my second week writing this column, and I have already completed several different submissions for this week and am now starting over again. There are just so many topics that I am … more
Late October, which means a young man’s fancy is wending toward the great Fall Classic…yes, election day. There is a lot riding on this mid-term election, some of which I will discuss in … more
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