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The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

It is more than a little strange. In spite of all the protestations from Democrats about how they want “diversity” in their leadership, the race for the nomination looks to be primarily among the white men and women.

Here is the latest list of the leading contenders according to the polls and the New York Times: “former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; Senator Cory Booker, of New Jersey; Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Indiana; Senator Kamala Harris, of California; Senator Amy Klobuchar, of Minnesota; former Representative Beto O’Rourke, of Texas; Senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont; and Andy Yang and Senator Elizabeth Warren, both of Massachusetts. The former housing secretary Julián Castro has also surpassed 130,000 donors and needs to garner 2 percent support in just one more poll to qualify.” Andy Yang barely made the list, getting his qualifications right as the article published.

When you look over the list it seems, with the possible exception of Joe Biden, the closer to mainstream thought in American you get, the lower your score in the Democrat primary. And, with Joe, you never know from one day to the next whether he remembers his lines much less what he believes. There is a real question in my mind and the minds of others if Joe is mentally rigorous enough for the job of president.

Let’s look at an issue the four top candidates by the polls agree on, and that is immigration. I don’t know if you noticed, but all through the debate, the moderators kept referring to the 11 million “undocumented” workers. First, they are “undocumented” all right, and that is because they are here illegally. People wonder where the term illegal alien comes from, but it is the plain language of the immigration law. And second, they are not all “workers.” Anyway, all four leading candidates agree that all illegals must be legalized. We have heard the Trump administration say the number of illegals is more like 20 million. I say with all that has happened over the last couple years, it is 30 million AT LEAST. Now stop and think about how many people that would be that immediately qualify for the complete list of welfare services. And don’t forget FREE healthcare. There was a photo in my latest edition of NatGeo. It featured the mother of 10 children coming to America, holding her 10th child in hopes of medical treatment for him, and, of course, with chain migration laws, in no time at all green cards for her other nine children and her husband. These candidates are pretending to care about American citizens? When and with what?

Let’s take a closer look at just this issue. One of the things these Democrats like to say is “we are a nation of immigrants”. Well…whoop de do! My latest NatGeo informs me that we are all immigrants, even if you live in mother earth Africa. So, I don’t think America is “filled” with immigrants any more than any other continent. But let’s take the discussion one step further. When we were a young and growing nation, we threw our arms open wide and welcomed the nations of the world. All we asked was that they love America, support our way of life and our people, and do their best to provide for themselves and their families. Hundreds of thousands of grateful immigrants came from all around the world and found a new way of life here. But it was not easy. Even in the midst of the potato famine, 50 percent of the Irish that came here ended up going back home. Then, too, there was no government provided social service societies that spent millions of taxpayer dollars on these immigrants. Many of them kissed the ground when they exited Ellis Island and came to the mainland. I don’t see much of that anymore. Do you remember that letter I quoted from in my column last week from an immigrant from India that felt “entitled” to be here and that Americans were the world’s problem? We do not need even one more immigrant with that sorry attitude.

Another slogan from these mental midgets running for the Democrat nomination declares, “Diversity is our strength!” What exactly does that mean? If we were to suffer an attack from a foreign country, would it help if we all spoke different languages as we tried to defend ourselves? What about in the normal course of life here in the United States? Isn’t it true that not speaking the dominant language in this country or any other results in a paucity of opportunities to get ahead? Many times, we see and hear from these Democrat candidates empty catch phrases meaning absolutely nothing, and yet they are repeated enthusiastically as if they really shed light on an issue.

For these past three years, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have overwhelmed our facilities at the border and brought in who knows what diseases and drugs. And if we dare to attempt a discussion of the damage done, we are called racists. Folks living in gated communities and on college campuses virtually shame their fellow citizens that might actually live in areas that experience the negative influence of these immigrants and insist that open borders must continue, and we must allow even more legal immigration into the country. The top four Democrats running for president are calling for a “flood” of immigration once they are inaugurated. And don’t forget each one gets free healthcare paid for by you.

The Democrat plan for dominance of our country in the future is to welcome as many immigrants as they can possibly get in here – legal and illegal. The next step is to legalize these people and get them voting Democrat since the Democrats are the ones behind recruiting them to come here. This is the reason Democrats refuse to be critical of immigrants – legal and illegal – when they break our laws. They do not want to lose the “immigrant” vote. In the meantime, they push for driver licenses for illegals, which makes it easier for them to find work and in many cases gets them registered to vote through motor-voter laws. And we all know Democrats are also against requiring IDs at voting places.

So, the question is, “Can the Democrats count on you to help them regain power until they can get enough immigrants in here voting for them to not need your vote?” Right at this moment, they really need you.  They promise once they get a voting majority with their immigrants, they’ll never bother you again.

…’Til next week…

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  1. Comment by Jay Dee Hanna

    August 12, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    Went to Canada a few month’s ago; had to have a passport, tell them where I was going and for how long, what my occupation was, and tag number on my vehicle. No long lines of illegals trying to cross there, does that mean Canadians are racist or anti-immigrant? Common sense no longer prevails in the Democratic party!

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