Our nation continues its backward progress

Posted By | January 28, 2019 7:55 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

Let’s open today’s column with a few items of note, shall we? One: Just this last week, a 66-year-old man, living with his (deaf) wife, two dogs, and three cats, had his house stormed by FBI agents in full protective gear, with long guns drawn, to take him into custody. Six carloads of heavily armed agents (29) converged on his lawn prior to his takedown, and a favored news agency (CNN) was tipped off to record the raid. The target of this aggressive action has no criminal record, owns no guns, and isn’t even financially, much less physically, capable of resisting his detention. His suspected crime is one of trafficking in “language” and information of some kind our wonderful special counsel, Saint Robert Mueller, has decided must be squelched, stepped on, silenced.

Two: A 16-year-old young man is denigrated all over our national press for simply standing in place with a smile on his face while a group of American Indians, led by a known criminal, march up to where he and his friends wait for the bus. The young man explained that in an attempt to disarm the situation he smiled from time to time. This seemingly innocent attempt by a young man was called, “the smiling face of whiteness, smirking” and one notable even said, “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” In George Orwell’s book 1984 there was a term for this…It was called “facecrime.” “To wear an improper expression on your face.” Savannah Guthrie said, “There was something aggressive about “standing there, standing your ground.”

Three: The state of New York passed this week legislation allowing a mother to kill her unborn child up until the day before natural birth. This development was applauded, but, when it was announced in a new development that now, should a baby somehow survive an abortion, it would now be legal to kill that baby. This development produced a standing ovation.

Four: The state of Texas announces the results of its investigation into voter fraud that has resulted in at least 58,000 questionable voter registrations. Democrats in Texas were quick to announce that 58,000 only represents .69 percent of Texas’s voter base of 8.3 million voters. Left unsaid was their effect on local elections, many of which fall inside that margin of votes. Democrats also claimed these efforts would have a “chilling” effect on legal voters.

And so, we look across the landscape of a country we hardly recognize. Who would have thought merely 50 years ago that a law would be passed that not only legalized infanticide but also legalized killing any survivors of it? That our government would storm the houses of political officials accused of minor crimes, with guns drawn and in body armor, clearly intending to intimidate the citizen’s rights of free speech and free association and those of any observers?

In our president’s latest struggle with our government (he is supposed to be the head of this government but…) he has refused to sign budget bills allowing roughly one third of our government to open without a funding plan to stop an invasion coming across our southern border. In this, we do have an example how our forebearers might have handled it.

After WWII, an agreement we had with Mexico concerning the use of Mexican labor to fill in for our own labor fighting the war had increased the presence in the United States of both legal and illegal Mexican laborers. In 1954, President Eisenhower executed a plan to roundup and deport illegals living here. In the first year, without computers and all the modern tracking devices, Eisenhower deported over 1 million illegals simply by raiding jobsites and other areas where illegals were known to be employed or areas they were known to gather in. Yet, we are told today, with all our modern equipment, it would be impossible to do the same. Really?

Furthermore, we see every week more American(s) killed by illegals here in our midst. We witness the deaths of thousands from illegal drugs brought to us from south of the border. We are told and see the headlines of thousands of women and children trafficked across the open border. (It is hard to smuggle women, bound and gagged, in hidden spots in trucks and such as is done with drugs.) They are smuggled in vans and passenger vehicles of all kinds across the border for illicit sexual encounters. But liberals that claim to be so concerned about women’s right and the like stand in the way of closing this border. As we have documented in this paper, voting patterns for Democrats and cheap labor for both parties are what allows this to continue. And again I ask voters of both parties, “How many more must die?”

In the coming days, we have been promised an open and honest debate between Democrats and Republicans concerning border security. Many of us watched as Democrat leaders promised this if President Trump would just open the government – a bit surprising then that the Democrat minority leader in the Senate after the opening spoke of Trump“ learning his lesson” and Nancy Pelosi mumbling incoherently about “diversity is our strength” as if our nation was somehow enriched by poorly educated or completely uneducated third-worlders wandering aimlessly across our country, breeding large families, which the American taxpayer will support. This, somehow, helps our country prosper. In the face of that attitude we are supposed to hope for reasoned debate?

And so I ask you all – Democrat, Republican and Independent alike – how many more must die? Must one of them be YOUR family member for it to matter? There was a time when Americans believed in the common defense and could see trouble coming and seek to avoid it. Who must die? Must someone from Sparta die? What will it take to get our attention? And how many more?

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  1. Comment by J. Robinson

    January 28, 2019 at 8:37 am

    You really need to check your “facts” before writing your article. There are many more of your statements that I can easily refute.

  2. Comment by Dan Bowman

    January 29, 2019 at 11:24 am

    Mr. Robinson… I quote from your own post from a proven far left “truth checker” “This is only true if you do not trust medical professionals to make informed, professional decisions for which they have been extensively trained and licensed, in consultation with the women in their care. ” In other words what Mr. Holman wrote was true that a woman can request an abortion up to the day before birth. Your “truth checker”points out that Cuomo removed from the criminal statutes any penalty for harm to a fetus including if a criminal were to cause a woman to abort thru violent action. (Strange way to protect women. What if the fetus is a female?) So bottom line is that with the consent of a medical professional a woman can have an abortion up until the moment of natural birth. Oh, but you say what woman would want that and what doctor would allow it? Perhaps you should rent the movie Gosnell. Dr. Gosnell had LOTS of patients…more than he could handle asking for late term abortions. Next time Mr. Robinson you might want to read the things before you post them? Your “truth checker” clearly states what Mr Holman said is absolutely true!

  3. Comment by Tommy Austin

    January 30, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Right on target as usual, Cuz.

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