WCHS Warriorette bowling team remains undefeated

Posted by | November 8, 2019 8:37 am

By Jerry Lowery

On Nov. 5, the Warriors and Warriorettes traveled to Cookeville to play Stone Memorial High School in a bowling match.  The girls’ team remains undefeated in match play.  They beat Stone 24-3.

Top bowlers for the girls were Sarah Vanlandingham, who bowled a 190.  Caitlyn Keller bowled a 168 to help in the win.  The boys’ team lost in a close one – 12 to 15.  Top bowler was Justin Daniels, who shot a 211 and a 187.

Coach Wesley Martin stated after the win, “Our girls bowled well enough to win tonight, but we still need to work on making adjustments late into our … CONTINUED

Warriors and Warriorettes take the court for practice and scrimmage

Posted by | November 8, 2019 8:33 am

Mia Murray on fast break during first day of practice

By Jerry Lowery

On Nov. 4, the Warriors and Warriorettes took to the basketball court for the first day of official practice.  Through all the workouts and conditioning, it’s time to start working on the x’s and o’s of the game.

Michael Dodgen, head coach of the Warriorettes, talked about the first day of practice.

We had a very solid day of practice,” said Dodgen.  “With our top six scorers coming back this year, there has been some excitement heading into this season and the start of practice.  I felt like the girls responded well to every challenge … CONTINUED

$80,000 may be appropriated for health and safety officer, building

Posted by | November 7, 2019 6:35 pm

By Ron Moses

Steering Committee B of the White County Board of Commissioners has voted unanimously to appropriate $80,000 toward funding for a building and a health and safety enforcement officer for the county.

The matter was brought up to Steering Committee B through the newly founded Health and Safety Exploratory Sub-committee. Steering Committee B unanimously voted to send the funding matter to the Budget Committee. If approved by the budget committee, the matter will be sent to the White County Board of Commissioners for an official vote.

Members of the newest sub-committee are Chairman T.K. Austin, Vice Chair Bobby McCulley, Secretary Robert McCormick, Dillard Quick and County … CONTINUED

BonDeCroft Head Start celebrates Super Attendance Spirit Week

Posted by | November 7, 2019 1:05 pm

During Super Attendance Spirit Week, the children at BonDeCroft Head Start became superheroes. They saved the day by capturing the villain, creating disguises, doing super power strength training, wearing capes, and using x-ray vision shades. The children and staff also had a visit by some real life superheroes. They also had a fall picnic (inside picnic) and decorated pumpkins that were donated for the children.

BonDeCroft LBJ&C Head Start Center is always taking applications for enrollment. If you would like more information on how to apply, please call (931) 935-8420.

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“Double Your Donation Day” announced for Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation

Posted by | November 7, 2019 12:57 pm

Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation has received $15,000 in pledged matching gifts for patient assistance funds and regional health programs but will only receive those funds if they are matched by additional gifts made on Tues., Nov. 12.

“Double Your Donation Day” sponsors are challenging the Upper Cumberland to make donations on Nov. 12 to any of the several charitable programs or patient-assistance funds at the Foundation. Established patient assistance funds include the Cancer, Heart, Pediatric, Hospice, Mental Health, Diabetes and General patient assistance funds. Established programs include the Angel Garden, Art for Healing, Carmen’s Fund-CPR Education, Community Health, Epipen Program, Music for Healing, Pink Ribbon of Hope-Free Mammogram, … CONTINUED

BASF’s Sparta site receives Workplace Safety Award from Tennessee Chamber of Commerce

Posted by | November 7, 2019 12:55 pm

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded BASF’s Sparta, Tennessee, site with the Workplace Safety Improvement award for their implementation of the Exposure Reduction Process. The program utilizes peer-to-peer observations to highlight risks and addresses them before they can become a safety incident.

“There has been a dramatic change in the safety culture of the plant since we implemented ERP two years ago,” said Andy Schmitt, BASF site director at Sparta. “Employees have embraced the ownership of the program and are taking responsibility for their safety and the safety of their coworkers.”

While utilizing ERP, the facility has operated more than 600 days without a recordable incident, … CONTINUED

Clearing the confusion between private and public

Posted by | November 7, 2019 12:53 pm

Language of Liberty – By KrisAnne Hall

This may not be popular, but it is true: One of the largest factors in the loss of liberty is the lack of understanding of the word “public.” The fact remains, just because I have a business where people can come in off the street and purchase my goods does not make my business a public business.

The term “public,” as used by those who founded America, was a term reserved strictly to places, products, and affairs conducted by government with the use tax dollars. Everything else is a “private” affair.

Thomas Jefferson wrote to Edward Carrington in 1787,”…if once [the … CONTINUED

He demanded the restroom complaint department

Posted by | November 7, 2019 12:51 pm

Playl’s Ponderings – By Steve Playl

During the two years I was in second and third grades, at Seminary Street Grade School, in Madisonville, Kentucky, I was the recipient of 15 “whuppins” at school. Yes, I kept count! I also received 14 follow-up tannings from my mother when I came home. I was able to talk her out of one of the “this is for the paddling at school” spankings.

To reduce the school board’s budget, a rule was instituted that limited the use of liquid soap to one squirt from the dispenser in the restrooms. On the ill-fated day of my unjust punishment, I failed to exercise … CONTINUED

Be grateful for your toilet

Posted by | November 7, 2019 12:42 pm

By Topher Wiles

Consider what the words in this list have in common: health, money, friends, food, spouse, faith, weekends, grace, bed, education, laughter, and toilet.  At this point you’re thinking, “Topher, the last one, toilet, just doesn’t fit with the others.”  Au contraire, mon frère!  If you think about these words as a list of things people are or should be grateful for, you’ll see that it fits right in.  If you’ve ever been in a situation where one was needed but not available, you learned to appreciate them very quickly!

We were travelling down a long country road toward a third-world airport when disaster almost struck.  … CONTINUED

DAR recognizes Findlay students

Posted by | November 7, 2019 12:40 pm

Six students from Findlay Elementary were recognized for their participation in Constitution Week this year.  Students either signed a proclamation or recited the Preamble to the Constitution each day of Constitution Week over the school’s public announcement system.  The Rock House Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution presented certificates of appreciation to all students from the White County schools who helped them celebrate this important event. L-R: DAR Member Judy Hutchings, Bruno Sergio, Solomon Hawkins, Aubrey Randolph, Kylie Nowicki, Brylee Kelso, and Wyatt Blaylock.

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