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Missy Jones
Kyle Scott has been hanging around the salvage yard for as long as he can remember.
As a child, Scott would accompany his father to work, and play among the wrecked cars and trucks at Mid TN Salvage.
Jody, Kyle’s father owned Mid TN Salvage from 1980 until 2000.
“I grew up at the salvage yard,” said Kyle. “I learned from dad by just helping him.”
By the time he was in the seventh grade, Kyle was operating the car crusher. At an early age, he had also mastered driving and operating a roll-back car hauler.
Kyle said he bought his first car when he was only 14. He was not old enough to legally drive a car, but he already knew how to repair one. Kyle saved money from mowing yards and helping his dad and bought the car. He fixed it up, sold it and bought a little nicer car to fix up and sell.
“I always kept trading,” said Kyle, “and every time I would by a little bit nicer car to work on.”
In 2001, Jody sold Mid TN Salvage and bought a body shop on Fred Hill Road. Jody’s health was failing, and the salvage yard was too much work. While in high school, Kyle worked at the body shop, but Jody ran it until Kyle graduated from high school in 2002. After graduating, Kyle took over most of the responsibilities.
In 2005, Kyle had the opportunity to buy back his dad’s original business, Mid TN Salvage.
Kyle decided it would be a good business opportunity for him because the location was good, and it offered a lot more land to expand his operation.
In July 2005, Jody died from heart complications. Although he had battled heart trouble for a number of years, his death was unexpected.
Suddenly Kyle’s father, teacher, mentor and business partner was gone.
Kyle said losing his dad was the hardest thing he had ever had to overcome.
“The last 4 or 5 years, I spent every day with him, learning from him or going somewhere with him,” said Kyle.
“I guess I am on my own now.”
His father took time to teach him everything he knew about the car business and left him well prepared to move forward with the business.
“He knew more about a car than anyone I have ever known,” said Kyle.
“He was the best teacher there was.
I learned more from him than I could have learned about car repair at any college”
When Kyle was only 1 year old, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although he was too young to understand how serious it was at the time, he has experienced a lot of sickness among loved ones in his lifetime.
His mother, Shirley Scott, is a cancer survivor, and teaches eighth grade at White County Middle School.
Kyle has one sister, Shelly Fuller. When Kyle and his sister were young, his mother stayed home with them. She went to work when Kyle was 13.
In May 2005, Kyle married his sweetheart, Jeniece.
She was working for Sparta Police Department as a patrol officer, and Kyle had seen her a few times.
One night while driving through town, Kyle and his buddy were pulled over by Patrolman Jeff Glass. Kyle asked Jeff if he could get him a date with Jeniece.
Jeniece is now working with Kyle. She does all the bookkeeping and secretarial work.
Jeniece also stays busy at home maintaining a small farm.
Scott’s Auto Salvage and Sales offers extensive experience in body work.
They offer 24-hour towing and free estimates. They also sell used vehicles, as well as used and new after-market parts for most vehicles.
Kyle and his team have several decades of combined experience repairing damaged vehicles.
Scott’s Auto Salvage and Sales is at 5840 Roberts Mathews Highway and can be reached at 738-8337 or 212-3365.

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