Seeing through the blindness

Posted By | January 13, 2020 12:18 pm

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint church

Have you ever been blind? You know, unable to see? I realize that’s a pretty heavy question to lead out with, but the point is that if you’ve never been there, then you don’t know what it’s like. The flip side is the fact that many of us are spiritually blind in many ways and aren’t aware. For some of us we may be blind to our own failures or successes. For others we’re blinded by our own desires. Many people blame Jesus for their stumbling and for their falls, but he is not the reason for our lack of sight; it’s everything else we cloud our lives with that builds up the scales on our eyes that ultimately cause spiritual vision loss. In some cases scales can build up over years and maybe even generations.

The Apostle Paul was one of those guys that fits into this category. His “blind story” is told in the 9th chapter of the book of Acts. Verse 1 starts out with Paul’s anger against the infant Christian community. In today’s terms, I’m sure the narrative would read that Paul was livid! He wanted to kill, imprison, and separate Christians. He wanted to silence them so badly that he gained legal authority to do so. Paul’s story involves two types of blindness. One was spiritual, and the other was about to be physical. On the road that day, Jesus blinded Paul instantly. As the story continues, the light of Christ cauterized the scales on Paul’s eyes that prevented him from seeing clearly – scales that had been built up over years and maybe even generations. For the first time in his life, he was free. Now at this particular moment, lying on the ground, I’m sure he didn’t feel very liberated. Kicked from his horse, dirt all over his nice clothes, rear end sore, and embarrassed in front of those he commanded, Paul was being set free and didn’t know it yet. All he could see was nothing. All he could hear was Jesus. Men had to lead him away, but notice with me that Jesus didn’t blind Paul. He simply heated up the scales that did blind him. He was giving him his sight but something was necessary and yet to happen that would bring Paul into the driver’s seat of his Jesus encounter, and that was the only thing he could do. He spent the next three days in prayer and fasting.

Jesus sent Ananias on the third day to where Paul was staying. He laid hands on him for two things to happen: vision and the filling of the Holy Spirit. Notice the sequence of events for Paul’s true vision. He was spiritually blind in life. Years of scales had been built up on his eyes from hatred, envy, and personal desire. There was only one way to remove these cataracts, and Jesus laser-removed them with a holy light show. However, only after his time of prayer and fasting did the scales come off, and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Paul’s next moves were to be baptized, regain strength, spend time being educated on how to best use his new vision, and then he moved out to make disciples for Christ. We can’t twist, bypass, or reorganize any of these events in our lives if we want to see clearly and have strong spiritual vision.

Scales prevent us from seeing Gods plan for our lives. They build up by focusing on everything but Jesus. All Saul could see was anger and self-righteousness. With every second he spent in hatred and offense, another scale was layered over his eyes. He was chosen by God to reach Gentiles, kings, and children for the gospel. For us today, that looks like the lost, the favored, and the innocent. God has a way of making sure no one is left out. We should do the same.

I encourage you to visit us in person at Christpoint church, on the square in Sparta. Services are at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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