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Posted By | August 30, 2010 12:00 am

Sometimes we as sports fans, myself included, get too wrapped up in the final score and winning.
Now before I say what I am intending to say, I will admit I am one of the most competitive people around. I like to win. Ask any of my friends with whom I play board games and cards. Also let me add, that I was one of the happiest people in the stadium Friday night when the Warriors won their football game over Campbell County.
As I stood on the field after the game was over waiting to get a quote from Coach Malone, a coach from Campbell County approached us and had something to say to Coach.
During the game, two different Campbell County players went down with what appeared to be knee or ankle injuries and were not able to walk the line after the game to shake hands. The Warriors made their way to him.
That coach from Campbell told Coach Malone that he watched as every single one of our players came over and said something to those two guys. His words to Malone were, “That’s class.”
As happy as I was about the win, I was extremely pleased to hear what that coach had to say.
As I said, sometimes we forget about the other stuff and put too much importance on the outcome. I absolutely love hearing good stories about our kids displaying class and sportsmanship.
Those are the kinds of lessons that the kids will take on in life and become young men and women that give back to their community.
I like to see things done in a classy way. I think that has a great deal to do with why I am not as great a fan of the NBA anymore. A lot of the class is gone from the game.
Barry Sanders was always one of my favorites to watch. Sanders literally ran over, around and through other teams and was a great football player. But when Sanders scored, there was no Ocho Cinco type shows to be put on. He crossed the goal line, turned and handed the ball to the referee. He did what he got paid to do and didn’t need to draw attention to himself. His play did that for him. He acted like he had scored before, which he had, and did numerous times up until his unexpected retirement.
Sometimes in today’s world, we focus too much on the show and being seen. Give me a classy athlete anytime.
I just wanted to say to the Warrior football team that as happy as I was about the win, I was even more pleased to hear someone brag on our team for having class.
Great job Warriors! Now, let’s beat Cookeville!

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