Sometimes cute is just not enough

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Playl’s Ponderings – By Steve Playl

Many of our readers have very cute grandchildren. Perhaps they are even as “stinking cute” as mine. If they are that cute, I would love to hear about them. All seven of ours are very precious, and Anderson is no more precious than the other six. However, on a couple of occasions, he has had the privilege of experiences that may have been a result of his cuteness…or perhaps he was just in the right place at the right time.

Last year, he was on a flight to Orlando to visit his friend, Mickey Mouse. He invited his mom, dad, and older brother to join him on the trip. While they were on the plane, the flight attendants took a liking to him and Grayson. Who wouldn’t? As I implied earlier, they are so stinking cute.

Anyway, the two boys got to do something I have never gotten to do, even though I have many more air miles than the two of them combined. When the plane landed, they were invited to visit the pilot in the cockpit. Now I have caught a glimpse of the cockpit of some commercial airplanes – through a curtain or a cracked door; I’ve been in the cockpit of smaller aircraft; I’ve waved at the pilot of a big plane; I’ve had friends that were pilots and an uncle that worked for Eastern Airlines – back in the day…he wasn’t a pilot. But I have never been “up front” in a big airliner.

Their cuteness had to be the reason for their special treatment. Obviously, I’m just not that cute.

A few nights ago, on Halloween, most of our grands dressed up and hit the streets to solicit treats from friendly neighbors. All of them were charming in their costumes of choice, but Anderson’s outfit acquired for him some special attention.

To briefly interrupt my story, let me add that his daddy used to dress up quite often when he was Anderson’s age. Sometimes Stephen would change outfits several times in the same day, and Halloween was no different than other days. He might be a soldier, a cowboy, and a football player within a matter of hours. The boys get it honest!

Pictures were sent to our phones of the boys, standing in the driveway, accompanied by Reagan, their boxer. Reagan was Super Dog complete with cape. Grayson was a Halo soldier. (“You probably don’t know what that is, Nahnee.”) Anderson was in a police uniform…complete with badge, handcuffs, and dark glasses.

Later that evening, another picture was texted; Anderson was standing between two of Mt. Juliet’s finest…real Po Po…beside their squad car. My first thought was that Anderson must have really gotten in trouble. What could a 5-year-old have done that was THAT bad?

But then…the rest of the story. The officers had been distributing glow sticks to make trick ‘r’ treating safer for the kids in the neighborhood, when they spied a miniature cop. He was so stinking cute they had to stop and, with broad grins on their faces, pose for the precious picture that will be cherished by Nahnee and Papa for years to come.

Being cute was partly responsible for the encounter our grandson had with the police that night, but being cute is not enough to keep us out of trouble. We – all of us – must obey the law and play by the rules. Anderson is being taught that truth at home, school, and church. Hopefully, that truth will stay with him throughout his life.

All of us must accept responsibility for our actions. Grace comes in to play when forgiveness is needed. Yet, there are consequences for our conduct, and, eventually, being cute is just not enough. When you choose to do what’s wrong, you can “be sure, your sin will find you out”…no matter how cute you are.

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