Staying alive in a China virus world

Posted By | March 24, 2020 12:47 pm

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

Let’s just start with the title. One would think calling this the “China virus” or the “China flu” would be completely unremarkable. After all, SARS and MERS and even Lyme disease are all named after the places they first occurred. Be we are now told by our world-wise “minders,” our “betters” that naming this virus in the same way we have named these things for at least 150 years is somehow prejudicial and unfair to the Chinese. But look at who is making these silly arguments. It is the silly “politically correct” crowd. Nuff said. China virus it is! Those people already confuse too many issues with their silly notions.

And right on cue, these same useful idiots now complain that President Trump’s morning progress reports with the nation’s top doctors are somehow “dangerous” and are going to get people killed. Can these people not give it a rest, even in times like these? These dangerous partisans are not upset because President Trump is dangerous but rather because he is effective, unwilling to suffer the idiots of the PC press corps, and focused on delivering results for all of us. They can’t have that happening!

Let’s take a look at the professional Democrat politicians’ report card to-date. By professionals I mean the national Democrats such as Joe Biden (does he know where he is this week?) and the congressional Democrats. We had our first case of Chinese flu on Jan. 21st, and, just 10 days later, President Trump closed the borders to Chinese visitors. The professional Democrats, led by Joe Biden who called Trump a hysterical xenophobia-ist (Is that a word?) immediately took up the hue and cry calling President Trump a racist and the usual bigot, homophobe, etc. After all, they could not admit he was way ahead of them in recognizing the growing threat. The Democrats were still busy trying to figure out a convincing enough lie to get him impeached on Jan. 31st. Then, once the president focused the nation’s attention on the growing threat, he called on Congress to pass a bill supporting the people during this difficult time. Right on cue, as usual, the national Dems larded up the bill with abortion funding and all kinds of other issues having nothing to do with the Chinese flu emergency. Their efforts have been defeated to this point, but don’t expect those efforts to go away. Look for the Democrats to continue in their attempts to get relief money to illegal aliens living among us when the final formula for sending checks is announced. The Democrats, having spent the last three plus years calling the president a dictator, are angry now that the president isn’t acting in a more dictatorial way toward the states and closing down their functions. These people are never happy.

So, in the midst of this crisis, there is one thing you can count on. The national Democrat Party will do all in its power to promote its own agenda, regardless of whether that responds to the need of the hour. Keep that in mind as the response to this crisis unfolds. And we, as Republicans, need to be prepared to reject their advances. The word I hear is that in spite of their best efforts, several of the Democrats special interest groups were taken care of in the last bill. Republicans have always been reluctant to call out the Democrats, preferring to swallow hard and present a united front. This must end!

Let me respond to the liberal’s silly calls for Republicans to not take the checks sent out by the government during this crisis. The way I feel about it is every person whose taxes will pay for the spending deserves their fair share of the money being given away. Believe me, your taxes will be used to pay for the resulting deficit, whether you take it or not. Many of us have a three-to-six months savings account that Dave Ramsey and most other financial planners call for. But many of us do not. I hope, as this crisis progresses, many people who owe for every furnishing in their house, including their big screen, take a look at their precarious financial situation and decide to adopt a pay-as-you-go lifestyle. You will sleep much better as a result.

Finally, we get to the situation locally. In many of the small counties of Tennessee, we have zero infections from the Chinese flu. We all know this situation will probably not hold. But we can and should be able to keep the spread to a minimum number of people if we all practice being good neighbors. We possess unique advantages in having only a few thousand inside our county borders. Let’s make sure we let everyone know if we have a case of the Chinese flu in our household.

By being aware, and practicing good hygiene, we can take advantage of our small community in ways large cities cannot. Let’s check on older friends and neighbors, maybe that uncle and/or aunt we haven’t heard from or spoken to in a while, and make sure they have what they need. While many or all of our churches may be closed, through livestreaming we can keep the communication and prayer chain alive.

Finally, let us consider the goal. Many promising therapies are being discovered, and more will be discovered; we have the best minds in the world being focused on this Chinese flu problem. So, we should have faith and be of good cheer. Promising breakthroughs are on the horizon! Our goal now becomes to delay the spread of this virus. We all know we cannot stay hunkered down forever, but forever is not the goal. Let’s each one of us determine to not be the first in our county to fall ill from this virus.

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  1. Comment by George S.

    March 24, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    Last week, referring to the Covid 19 flu, you said, “I refuse to run and hide from a non-existent or very weak foe.”
    This week you say, “Many promising therapies are being discovered, and more will be discovered; we have the best minds in the world being focused on this Chinese flu problem”, followed by “Promising breakthroughs are on the horizon!”
    Do you now admit that there is a real and present danger?
    More importantly, you are so blinded by your Trump loyalty that you cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you want to believe. Donald Trump failed miserably in preparing this country for the current crisis. Here is a link to a list of Trump’s attempts to play down the Coronavirus, much as you did last week. Give it a read.
    He too, was living in a fantasy world.
    No,this is not a left wing leftist calling out your misguided article but a long time Republican that lives in a real world.

  2. Comment by Citizen

    March 25, 2020 at 7:09 am

    It is a shame that in a time of crisis, people are more concerned about political agendas and party lines.

    The blatant spread of false information by our president, and other political leaders for their own gain is sickening. Opinions like the one above do nothing to create solutions.

    Our leaders care more about their re-election status than the health and safety of citizens.

    Shame on you, Donald Holman, for spreading this sort of manure onto the minds of others in a time when we should be working together; doing everything in our power to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.

    I ask you, what is more important, human life, or politics?

  3. Comment by Jay Dee Hanna

    March 25, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Let me first say if you are going to publish comments people should have to state their full name and not hide behind initials or Citizen. This virus is bigger than any one man or one government so there is plenty of blame to go around but most of it should fall on the Chinese government. China allowed this virus to run amuck before letting the cat out of the bag, putting the rest of the world behind in preparation and the possible development of a vaccine. The liberals in the House stuck 25 million for the Kennedy Center and 75 million for each the Endowment for the arts and Endowment for humanities in the stimulus bill. A lot of good that will do for the unemployed and small businesses.

  4. Comment by Meg

    March 26, 2020 at 12:52 am

    For Hanna and citizen: You are so quick to lay blame at President Trump’s feet. I didn’t hear you mention ‘Nancy’ and her minions. She is the one with the ‘bullet-tipped-gold pen. Oh, I guess she has another one in the waiting. Wonder what it will look like. What did you expect Trump to do; run out and create a vaccine? Nancy’s ‘House’ cannot/will not approve the stimulus monies for those who need it. The bill(over 1,000) pages I believe, was filled with all kinds of non-essential over-handed items that could wait. Oh, they have no merit and wouldn’t pass on their own so, she tries to pass them in the shadows of the stimulus bill. I didn’t see this virus coming, you didn’t see it coming and neither did President Trump. God forbid that you rascals give him a break.

  5. Comment by David Creason

    March 28, 2020 at 12:12 am

    Politics…do matter!
    Just imagine Obama/Biden handling this pandemic or Hillary for that matter. Biden doesn’t know where he is most of the time and can’t complete a speech or a news conference without forgetting what he is speaking about!
    Do you really want those people acting in our time of need?
    If so…that’s your choice. ” Hey Joe what do we do about this Virus thing? ” I don’t know; we’ll give them Obama care and everything will be fine!” I need a nap!
    So…Hillary what do you think about the Pandemic? ” It’s O.K. it’s mainly taking out the “Deplorables” anyway!
    Yep,,,realty it is Trump and my money is on him! He is the best man for these dire days!
    Load up all your Left Wings and get to the polls that be where it’ll be decided!
    I’ll be there proudly wearing my MAGA hat!

  6. Comment by Donald Holman

    March 28, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    I freely admit to being very suspicious of this virus scare at the beginning. And I don’t think that was wrong. I would have gone blind by now were I to try and keep up with the lies foisted upon us by a lying press! But the idea that President Trump is downplaying this issue, when he shut the border to Chinese traffic and all the prominent Dems and their branch office in the media agreed and talked non stop of Trump’s “hysterical misogyny” racism etc. Now I understand if you have been getting your “news” (propaganda) from one of the Democrat branch offices laughingly called the news you might be confused. But is your memory gone as well? What about the Dems holding up support checks to try and stuff a bunch of pork in the relief bill? Read about it in my next column…It mite be the obit of the Dems House majority come election time…On the other hand, that Koolaid is strong stuff ! ! !

  7. Comment by Tamara Young

    April 1, 2020 at 5:52 am

    Once again Donald, you amaze me. On the other hand I’m not surprised of the negative comments from those who have memory loss.

    So to all of you here it is.

    We (USA) heard of the China flu in late December 2019, within a week PRESIDENT Trump shut the china travel down.

    Now tell me, how is that not fast enough?

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