Stolen Mercury is discovered in river

Posted By | August 29, 2002 12:00 am

Dawn Bailey
The Sparta Police Department was investigating the scene of a stolen vehicle found in the water, at the boat ramp, on Highway 84 on Wednesday.
Officer Dale Dodson of the Sparta Police Department said a motorist alerted authorities about the vehicle and they went to the location to investigate. When Dodson, Officer Jeff Glass and Lt. Ken McCormick investigated the scene, they discovered a 1994 Mercury Cougar had been stripped and dumped into the water. Authorities said the vehicle was stolen from Freida Hedge of Savannah, Tenn.
– Blanton arrested for aggravated assault on a deputy
Authorities placed Joel Steven Blanton, 34, of Sparta, under arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he pulled a gun on an officer on Camp Drive on Saturday. Blanton was also charged with simple possession of schedule VI, public intoxication, vandalism, resisting arrest and unlawful carrying of a weapon with intent to go armed.
At approximately 11:05 p.m., Saturday, Deputy Steven Williamson of the White County Sheriff’s Department, responded to a call in reference to vandalism at 187 Camp Drive. According to the report, authorities were advised Blanton was beating on a vehicle with a stick. Upon Williamson’s arrival, he came into contact with Blanton out on the carport with a stick in his left hand. Williamson approached Blanton, having knowledge of active warrants on him and advised him of the warrants. The deputy also advised Blanton to put the stick down and told him he was under arrest.
Blanton allegedly pulled a gun up with his right hand and pointed it at the officer’s head. Williamson pushed the gun away and pulled his weapon on Blanton, advising him to put the gun down. Blanton did put the gun and stick down after the deputy advised him to do so several times. According to the report, the gun was loaded with the hammer cocked back.
When Williamson placed Blanton under arrest, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol on him. A search of Blanton also revealed half of a joint inside a Checker’s cigarette pack, which was consistent with a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana.
Blanton’s bond was set for $255,500 and his court date is scheduled for
August 30, 2002.
– Monterey man arrested on meth charges
Authorities placed Danny Earl Bilbrey, 30, of Monterey, under arrest for driving on a revoked/suspended license, drug: manufacturing/delivery/sale/possession of schedule II and capias after he was involved in a traffic stop on Monday.
Deputy Connor Wardlaw of the White County Sheriff’s Department, stopped the vehicle for having the wrong license plate and came into contact with Bilbrey. Authorities checked for outstanding warrants on Bilbrey which revealed an active warrant, in White County, for failure to appear. Authorities also discovered Bilbrey’s license was suspended.
According to the report, Bilbrey removed a black pouch from the back of his pants and tossed it in the bed of his truck. A search of the pouch revealed two plastic baggies containing white crystal/powder substance, which filed tested positive for methamphetamine. A search of Bilbrey also revealed a plastic container with a plastic baggie containing a white substance, which also field tested positive for meth. Bilbrey was placed under arrest and transported to the White County Justice Center.
His court date is scheduled for August 30, 2002.
– Frasier charged with simple possession
A White County deputy placed Nathan A. Frasier, 19, of Sparta, under arrest for simple possession and public intoxication.
At approximately 4:39 a.m., Sunday, Deputy Greg Sims, of the White County Sheriff’s Department, responded to 8444 Old Kentucky Road and came into contact with Frasier, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of a 1991 Jeep. Frasier advised the deputy he had not had any alcohol to drink, but according to the report, the officer observed Frasier as being very incoherent.
After placing Frasier under arrest for illegal consumption, authorities found a small bag of a green leafy substance, believed to be marijuana, in his pocket. Frasier was transported to the White County Sheriff’s Department and his court date was scheduled for August 30, 2002.

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