2021 - A year in need of a true Christmas

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 I will not forget calendar year 2021.  On Jan. 1, 2021, with President Donald Trump at the helm for four years, the USA had a humming economy, unemployment was at an all-time low, our taxes were low, and the U.S. dollar was strong.  We were energy independent and producing oil to sell to other countries.  New and more favorable trade agreements had been negotiation and were working.  Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and other adversaries had renewed respect us and feared our military might.  Our long-needed southern border wall/fence was nearing completion, and the previous illegal border crossings were under control.  Our military strength had been improved, and the various branches armed with state-of-the-art weaponry.   And, in an amazing display of hands-on leadership, President Trump, working with the private sector, oversaw the record development and delivery of three vaccines to combat Chinese Virus (COVID-19).

Joe Biden and the Marxist Democrat Party inherited these amazing accomplishments.  All they had to do, for the most part, was leave these accomplishments on automatic.  They didn’t do that because, to be a true Marxist country, there must a large controllable poor class of people (peasants) totally dependent on a massive central government.  And, in just 11 months, Biden, who is clearly a controlled Marxist puppet, and his puppet masters have our country on the verge of total Marxism.  They have literally undone everything President Trump had accomplished.  The national debt has skyrocketed,  unemployment is high.  Crime is out of control.  Increased taxes will be an early 2022 addition to each of our individual woes.    

To say that many of the people who voted for Joe Biden now have a bad case of “buyer’s remorse” is an understatement.  In politics, this is what happens when people stand on the sidelines and let socialism, Marxism and/or communism take over. This nightmare will not fix itself.

The foregoing is why 2021 is in need of a true Christmas.  We need to celebrate and reaffirm our belief in God and celebrate the birth of his son Jesus Christ, our Savior.  Christmas helps each of us reset our moral compass.  This joyous reaffirmation will allow us to enter 2022 with an active determination to save our country from atheism, which is one of the key cornerstones of socialism, Marxism and communism. 

I believe God ordained the birth of this great Christian nation that we call the United States of America.  There is no other nation like our country as evidenced in our glorious past history.  God knows the enemy is among us, and he wants to see if we are willing to stand against the evil we face.  He can save the country, but he wants to see if we are willing to be the means by which he does so.  God gave us a free will.  If we are not willing to confront the evil that we have foolishly allowed to rise up among us, why should God intervene?  He loves us, but he gave us the right to choose the paths we wish to follow in life, be it good or bad.  If we need/want his help, we need to ask.  He does answer prayers.  I’m asking him!  How about you?

I also ask that you begin thinking about term limits on our politicians at local, state, and federal levels.  If our president can only serve two four-year terms, our senators and representatives at all levels of government should face similar restrictions.  This will have to be done at a Convention of States as few politicians would place limits on themselves.  One of our biggest problems is “RINO” politicians whose one and only goal is to stay in power for as long as they can.  I am also against lifetime appointments at any level of government. A lifetime appointment takes control away from the people. 

In the meantime, we have a country to save in 2022.  Join me in that effort.  I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2022.

I saw Donald Trump in Houston six days ago, and he is in top form! 

God Bless America!

--Jerry Jones, CIA retired, is a native of Sparta.


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