A different kind of club helps 86-year-old golfer

Club uses 25 or 27 caliber blanks and can hit a ball up to 106 mph


 Even though Maurice Latta is 86, he still visits Sparta Country Club on a regular basis.

Latta has been a golfer all of his life, and he loves to go with his son, Randy Latta. As Maurice Latta aged, his back problems increased, causing him to slow down on the game he loves. One day, he started to browse the internet and came across a unique club advertisement. He came in contact with a man named Steve Fluke, who is the president/co-founder of EZee Golf. The two talked about this new club for about an hour, and, about a year ago, Maurice Latta bought himself one so he could get back out on the course.

The club uses 25 or 27 caliber blanks and can hit a ball up to 106 mph. The club can be set from 75-200 yards in 25-yard increments.

Maurice Latta explained that if you hold the club about belt high, the ball will go straight; if you hold it knee high, it will veer right; and if you hold it chest high, it will fade to the left.

“If you want to hit the ball higher, you have to tilt the club back a little bit, which will get some more distance,” he said. “If you get stuck under the trees and have to hit underneath them, you tilt it forward, and it drives the ball maybe three to four feet off the ground.”

According to Maurice Latta, a golfer loads the club and pulls the end of the shaft to cock it back. The trigger is just below it, and the golfer barely touches it to send the ball. Once the golfer hits the trigger, it sends a 2.5-inch steel, round cylinder out to hit the ball, so the golfer places the ball about a half inch in front of the club.

Maurice Latta said since he bought the club, he has lowered his score about 10 strokes. One day, he almost had a hole in one but didn’t quite get it - it is still a goal of his. His best game was a 40, just five over par.

He has very much enjoyed his time playing with this club, and anyone interested in this unique club and the golfer behind it might catch him on the course on a sunny day.     


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