A New Year but the same old problems still persist

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I hope you had wonderful holidays. I would like to write a warm and wonderful column full of holiday greetings, but the urgency of this moment does not allow.

As you read this, folks are either about to start voting in Georgia or are in the middle of voting, depending on which day you get your paper. It irks me some to tell you this, but I am not getting my hopes up too high for the Georgia election. You do realize that Georgia is a state run by Republicans?

 Despite all the fraud, a Republican governor signed off on the election results even in scandal plagued Atlanta! Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger are two “RINOs [Republicans In Name Only]” that should never hold public office again, at least not as Republicans. Do you realize they refused to support a true audit that would have exposed the fraud involved in the Atlanta area elections? They instead counted the same fraudulent ballots the second time, and they did a spot-audit of voter signatures, but even the signature audit was a farce. It compared the signatures of who signed for and received and voted the ballot, not the original voter’s signature compared to the one used this year to get a ballot issued.

You know, I could go on and on about this, including talking about how Stacy Abrams’ sister dismissed a lawsuit seeking to purge voters that had moved from the voter roll. But who are we to talk in Tennessee? 

Remember how our fine RINO Senator Lamar Alexander played piano recently while the real legislators did the work he was paid to do? Or how he worked with Senator Patti Murray from Washington State over an Obamacare replacement while Trump and the real conservatives were trying to get rid of it? And this latest election we elected Hargrove, a swamp rat of the first order to go to Washington DC to represent us? I will be happy to change my mind should he prove me wrong, but I am not working on a rough draft of my apology because I don’t think I’ll need it! How long will we dance to the tune of these miserable, insincere political hacks that represent their constituents only? And their constituents are not you and I! They are the big money guys from the Chamber of Commerce and other dank places, dotcom billionaires and George Soros, the Koch brothers.

It is past time Republican commentators stop calling Republicans that will not back conservative legislation spineless. They are not spineless. They are corrupt liars who feed at the public trough and line their pockets with legal bribes like the Biden family has done. They take all the funding from these special interests, run ads to convince me and you they are all for us and conservative principles, and knife us in the back at every turn. And what do we do? Sigh and vote to send them back to Washington again and again and again and complain and cannot understand why we never get the changes we need. Hello? Are you still there?

I heard a caller the other day on a radio talk show from Georgia.   

He said, “Me and my family are not voting in this special election coming up for the two senators. We have voted all our lives. We voted for our Republican governor that just certified a stolen election in support of Joe Biden. So why are we supposed to get all excited about trying to vote in a couple more most-likely-corrupt Republicans? We know the governor we voted for knifed us in the back and will probably do so again if the people he really represents tell him to do so.”

Can you blame them? I can, but I certainly understand where they are coming from. Point being, just because things are not looking great and the air smells of betrayal doesn’t excuse us from doing all we can to make a difference.  I hear people say all the time, “Those Democrats always stick together, but the Republicans half the time won’t support each other, even when it looks like they would risk nothing and even help their reputation if they banded together and voted as a block.”

Yes, that does sound pretty logical until you remember that far too many of the Republicans we elect get the funding for their campaigns from the same wealthy and corrupt sources as the Democrats do. So, they have no interest in voting as a block to pass conservative legislation. Their wealthy Democrat funders don’t want them voting for conservative values. And besides, incumbents are re-elected by us and fools like us at a rate of over 90 percent, so what are they really risking? Just remember the next time you hear someone talk about Republicans not having a backbone or being cowards, speak up and point out they are not cowards or weak kneed, they are corrupt!

And speaking of delusional! We all know how the Democrats are supposed to be all for the little guy. I heard a guy saying that and barely caught myself from heaving a drink through my own flatscreen! When you look at funding, the Democrats are all funded by the huge multi-national corporations and the dotcom millionaires and billionaires, and the trial lawyers. Have I mentioned anything that sounds like the little guy yet? When Democrat legislators talk about opening the borders, that isn’t helping the little guy. The little guy is the one who never got a raise through all eight years of the Obama administration. And that is because Obama made sure a constant flow of cheap, illegal labor would be flowing through those open borders and knew that would make all the wealthy business owners like the Kochs happy, and then he kept raising the limit on how many college grads Google, Facebook and all the other businesses could import from India and elsewhere and pay them $24,000 a year to do their accounting and bookkeeping, engineering, and all the other jobs stupid middle class parents kept sending their kids to overpriced colleges to learn. Wonderful world huh?

If we are to make it through these next few years and make a difference, we must start now to vote out the corrupt incumbents. Let us unite in changing the face of Washington by changing personnel. Sorry to leave so hastily, but I am out of space for today.     


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