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Another week gone, some lessons learned? I guess we will find out as we go along. You know, it is not every day that a Democrat does such a lousy job that even the “fair and independent” press has to point it out. FactCheck.org, a leftist outfit from the jump, couldn’t even go along with some of Ole Joe’s “mis-statements.” As a matter of fact, they had problems with a number of Ole Joe’s claims. But rather than try to quote them piecemeal, I would like to just give you the whole sordid mess, quoted directly. Here then, is the “Fact Check” review of Joe’s first press conference.

“In his first press conference since being inaugurated 64 days ago, President Joe Biden got some facts wrong:

“Biden claimed that former President Donald Trump eliminated over $700 million in aid that Biden helped get for Central American countries. That didn’t happen, but the Trump administration did reallocate some money and temporarily suspended other funding.

“The president used the wrong statistics when saying that nothing has changed regarding children trying to enter the U.S. at the southern border. There was a significant 63% uptick in unaccompanied children being apprehended from January to February.

“Biden said, ‘We’re sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming.’ But in February, 41% of those in a family unit apprehended at the southern border were expelled.

“The president said over 50% of Republican voters supported the American Rescue Plan Act. Some polls show that but others show a majority opposed the COVID-19 relief legislation.

“He repeated two familiar talking points on taxes, including the misleading claim that 83% of the benefits in the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are going to the top 1%. That only becomes the case in 2027 when most of the individual income tax cuts are set to expire but corporate tax cuts remain.

“Biden got it wrong when he said there were five times as many cloture motions last year alone than there were between 1917 and 1971. There were twice as many motions filed last year than there were from 1917 through 1970.”

It seems to be safe to say that whenever Ole Joe’s lips are moving, he is completely misrepresenting the truth (to be kind) or just plain lying. Joe has made his lies so obvious and so completely beyond the facts that there are literally hundreds of columns taking him to task. Let me use this one from Issues and Insights, an affiliated group of Investors Business Daily, which does a great job of showing the everyday lies politicians use, particularly when they attempt the lie by statistic and analysis. Here we quote them in their column “Biden Unhinged.”

“So, what is it that states are trying to do? First, it’s worth clearing up a few things Biden rattled off.

“There is a debate in Georgia about a provision regarding bringing voters food and water while they are waiting to vote. Is that un-American? Not when you consider that such ‘services’ could amount to illegal electioneering. But maybe Biden thinks those restrictions are un-American, too.

“That 5 p.m. poll closing time? He’s apparently referring to a plan in Texas that would have polls close in the first week of early voting at 5 p.m. But they’d be open until 7 p.m. in the second week of early voting. “And the point of the measure is to create a uniform rule across the state, instead of the wide variations seen in the last election.

“And the ‘no absentee ballots’ is bogus. States are trying to rein in mail-in voting that caused massive problems in the last election.

“What are some of the other un-American provisions states are considering to protect their elections from fraud? In Georgia, one bill would require voters to include a photocopy of an accepted form of identification with their ballot request form and their absentee vote, instead of a signature, so as to avoid problems with signature matching.


“Arizona’s bill, which Gov. Doug Ducey signed last week, will increase the accuracy of state voter rolls by mandating the secretary of state compare death records with voter registrations and remove deceased voters. It would add an annual review of the state voter registration database to clear out the names of the dead.


“In Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed an election reform bill in early March that requires absentee ballots to arrive before the polls close on Election Day. It forbids county auditors from mailing absentee ballot request forms to voters unless a voter explicitly asks for one. It obligates auditors and election officials to enforce state election laws and follow guidelines set by the Iowa secretary of state, with a fine of up to $10,000 for noncompliance.

“It also prohibits ‘ballot harvesting,’ whereby people can go around and collect and handle absentee ballots from voters – something several states already ban because it is a recipe for widespread election fraud.”

So, you see the “president” takes a little bit of truth, adds a whole ton of lies, and the mainstream media is more than happy to spread around all the misstatements and half-truths as gospel.

You know, my friends, there are still many good people that continue to vote Democrat. I cannot tell you exactly why. Many of them vote Democrat because they always have.

I overheard and saw an aunt of mine back in the day saying, “And they say J.T.’s son is the Republican Party chairman in White County! Can you imagine that? A Holman that is a Republican?”

Before it was all over, that Holman aunt and many others of my family voted Republican and do so until this very day  And the reason is very simple. The Democrat Party has gone so far left that it has “left” most reasonable people behind. Working class people know all too well that there is no such thing as “something for nothing.” For far too many years, Democrat politicians ran for office promising to raise taxes on the “rich” only to discover there wasn’t enough of them to pay for their expensive “something for  nothing” schemes.” And too many times, they simply added it to the deficit. We all know that deficit will sooner or later come back to bite us. I would say to those foolish people (Democrats) that say it is just a number… when we cannot afford the interest payments on that debt…you will discover it is a lot more than a number! But I digress.

People used to ask if a person could be a Christian and still vote for the party of abortion. I have another question. Can a person that pretends to have any claim of patriotism vote for the Democrat Socialists of 2021 and/or believe their lies? I do not think so! Until next week…   


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