Access and authority equals power

Christpoint Church


 We set our hands to accomplish many things in the lifetimes we’ve been given on this earth. Most of that revolves around some type of power or control. We’re only human, and we feel more secure when we are in control of certain aspects of our lives such as work, family, and decisions. As parents we like being the authority in the family. As providers, we seek the highest and best pay. Life is a series of moves, we just have to know the right ones to attach ourselves to.

Acts chapter 9 is possibly one of the most important chapters in all of scripture for the Christian. It starts with Saul, the persecutor of Christians, and ends with Paul, the spreader of the gospel of Christ. I would like to dwell on verses 1 and 2 for a bit as we dig a little deeper and uncover the motive behind “our own move.” Notice that Saul sought letters from his higher authority to do harm to the Christians of the day. Saul asked for a new appointment. He sought a new move that he would create and control. Saul had started a move that would elevate his status and cement his self-created name worldwide. The same old appointment will produce the same old results. He had spent his life planning and detailing “his move,” and his move was his assignment. Maybe we’re confused today as to our assignment because we’re creating our own move.

Saul asked for letters to do harm because he had access to authority. Saul intended to enslave men and women. He intended to squelch their hope, destroy their excitement and end their so called rebellion. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we have access to authority and letters of permission. The question is, “How are you and I using our access and position to authority today?” I think we’re confused in this world as to who has the power and where it comes from. If you have a prayer life, then you have access. If you are a Christian, then you have authority. Our marriages are failing because we’re cultivating the wrong move. Our families are divided because we’re confused as to who is the authority. Our leaders are suffering because they have created their own move.

Notice in verse 2 that Saul wanted to use his access and authority to accomplish one clear and precise directive - bind and enslave the “so called enemy.” This is one thing they got right. Access and authority equals power. Do you realize that we are children of the King, and, as his children, we have access to his authority, and, through that authority, we have the power to bind and enslave the enemy? We become confused and dilute our rightful place of authority by misunderstanding the power that comes with the access.

Saul’s self-created move changed in a flash of light when he found himself at the lowest of positions on the ground. On the ground is the lowest we can go without dying, and that’s where Jesus gave Paul a new assignment and a new move. No matter where you find yourself right now, it’s the perfect place to start looking up. Your assignment is closer than you think. You just need a move. Let’s move together this Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., on the square, in Sparta. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.   


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