All that she needed was an appointment

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 In the book of Mark, a story is recorded in chapter 5 about a daughter of the king. The problem was she didn’t exactly know the king, she hadn’t met him yet, she was a nobody, and he was virtually impossible to get to. As the story goes, a woman was hemorrhaging blood for 12 years, she had visited every doctor and spent every dime she had but to no avail. She simply wasn’t getting better. As a matter of fact, she became worse, and she was desperate for change. What she did wrong, left her broken and incomplete. What she did right, was choose to identify as a daughter with the king she had only heard about. The problem with being a daughter is not being a daughter but rather knowing and accepting that you are a daughter. Plus, the king needs to know you’re a daughter as well. Now all she needed was an appointment, but how do you get one of those? Well you crawl through the crowd like she did. You get trampled upon by a bunch of men like she did. You strain with all your might just to touch something that touched the king, like she did. You know, do all the things that make you a daughter like she did in verse 28.

Jesus knew someone had touched him. He knew someone in the crowd was different and that someone was about to know what it’s like to become a daughter. He stopped the crowd, addressed his disciples. He scanned the faces and made eye contact with a newly-healed woman. She had touched his garment and instantly she was changed. She knew it, Jesus knew, it but everyone else was oblivious. She was so desperate for restoration that she was willing to steal a touch from the king. Yes, she would rather be complete as a thief than to remain broken and guiltless. Fear gripped her as their eyes met. She trembled under the weight of the truth. She threw herself at his feet and confessed to him what she had done. In her mind, her desperation had led her to robbery, that is until “the” king became “her” king. She had already been healed in her body from the recent touch, now she just needed to receive her healing in her mind.

Jesus confirmed her by addressing her faith. He freed her by giving her peace, and he affirmed her by calling her daughter. This is the only time in scripture where Jesus calls anyone by that name. He made sure she didn’t walk away from their appointment feeling like she had stolen a blessing from him like a thief in the shadows. In verse 34 he called her a daughter. He let her know her desperation was in order and her faith was what had made her well. He charged her to go in peace and to be healed of her disease. He healed her body, her mind, and her spirit that day. You see the problem with daughters is they’re loved by their fathers unconditionally. She snuck into the crowd that day a broken and incomplete nobody. She went home a restored and complete daughter of the king. That’s the problem with daughters.

We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. We’re on the square in Sparta, and I would love to see you this Sunday, at Christpoint Church. Welcome home.     


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