America’s fate depends on prayer and God-given free will

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My two most recent opinion articles dealt with the compelling need of we the people to ensure the integrity of the November 2022 mid-term elections and all future elections.  In those articles, I revealed that Satan, aided by atheists, sole-less American politicians associated with the Marxists Democrat party, money driven and power hungry “big tech” companies, along with large multi-national corporations, and with funding and assistance from unfriendly countries have formed an Axis of Evil to take control of and enslave the United States of America. This is not hysteria on my part.  My words are meant to alert/warn you before it is too late.  After all, it was my beloved ancestor, John Paul Jones, who saved the nation when he made the famous midnight ride that warned our forefathers that “The British Are Coming!”  My warning to you is even more dire.

 Should we fail to make use of our individual God given free will and stand united shoulder to shoulder and reject this evil in the boldness of impactful terms, the apocalypses cannot be far away.  You may have heard the phrase, “Those that stand and wait also serve.”  That does NOT apply when our country, our constitution, our form of government,  our rights and freedoms, along with our children’s heritage, are under attack. It is time for each of us to stand and deliver.  The phase “united we stand and divided we fall” has never been more applicable.             

God does answer prayers, but he expects us to do our part.  He is aware of the ever-increasing satanic evil that threatens every aspect of our lives and the very existence of our great Christian nation.  At the same time, he is aware of the decline in Christianity throughout the United States.  He is also aware of the absence of prayers seeking his help to save our great nation from both home grown and foreign enemies.

So why isn’t God moving to save us?  Let me remind you that God gave  mankind - each of us - a free will and He (God) is honoring that gift.  In other words, the absence of prayers seeking his blessings and help indicates to God that we are invoking the free will he gave us; i.e. this malaise indicates to him that either we believe that we do not need or want his help.  We need to change that view.

I cannot speak for you, but based on the clearly observable incompetence and political insanity of our illegitimate president and the Marxist Democrat Party, I see a real need to seek the help of almighty God.  The enemy must be confronted and dealt with now. 

I can’t “out fiddle” the devil in Georgia or anywhere else without God.  But, with God’s blessings, we (you, I and the good people in our country) can save the United States of America and neutralize both our foreign and domestic enemies.  But, we have to ask for God’s help and show him we are also pro-active in countering this evil.

One of the most vital fronts where we must confront and defeat Satan and this Axis of Evil is ensuring the integrity of all future elections (federal, state and local).  There is little doubt that the last presidential election (2020) was rigged, as was the recent governor’s recall election in California.  We not only have to pray unrelentingly, we must be pro-active in ferreting out and dealing appropriately and effectively with the evil doers whose.   

With the greatest Christian nation in the world under a widening attack by the described Axis of Evil, and our ally, the State of Israel, increasingly in harm’s way, you can be sure that God stands with both nations and their good people.  An attack on the United States and/or Israel is an attack on God.  Prayer lets God know that we need and want his help.  It also signals him that we are prepared to do what needs to be done. 

There is no neutral ground, and in that regard, I refer you to Revelations, Chapter 4 and Verse 16, which makes it clear that God does not tolerate bystanders: “...because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.”  In other words, we not only need to pray, we need to be accordingly responsive and committed to the way shown by God.

God bless America!       

--Jerry Jones, CIA retired, is a native of Sparta.


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