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The Right Stuff - By Donald Holman

Good morning everybody and glad we could meet here again! A full week of news has occurred since our last get-together, and so we have much to cover. Pull up a chair, and let us get right to it.

By way of update on the Michael Flynn illegal prosecution by the Obama justice department, the judge in this case, a Clinton appointee named Emmett Sullivan, has taken a strange approach in regard to a fairly obvious matter. The justice department, which under our system of government has the sole power of prosecution, has informed judge Sullivan that they wish to withdraw their prosecution of Gen. Michael Flynn. Now, keeping in mind that under our system only the justice department can prosecute a case, this judge, Sullivan, has called a federal judge from retirement to act as prosecutor and is inviting briefs from interested persons be filed with his court. Obviously, Judge Sullivan intends to hold some sort of hearing in which the retired judge will pretend to be the prosecutor, and the various briefs will be presented as if this were an actual legal proceeding. But since, by law, only the justice department can prosecute a case, this is only a show trial under every meaning of that phrase.

These actions merely underline my point from previous articles in previous years: we need to impeach and remove from the federal bench these federal judges who abuse their lifetime appointment to waste time and grandstand and, in many cases, cause a miscarriage of justice. I suppose that Gen. Flynn will be required to hire and pay lawyers to defend him in this “show trial” that has no force of law. I would declare Judge Emmett Sullivan is a ripe candidate for impeachment and removal.

I touched on this issue last week, but it bears more consideration. The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, is up for re-election this year. He was interviewed on Fox the other day and seemed most blasé about the investigation into Gen. Flynn’s illegal prosecution, saying, “Well, if there were, in fact, misbehavior surrounding the Flynn case, the American public needs to know. And clearly that was the view of the attorney general. I gather it’s now in a rather unusual procedure of being reviewed by the district judge before whom the case was. I think we’re just anxious to get the facts - what actually happened. The American public needs to know; all of us would like to know. And one thing about Washington, you guys are so good at your job, truth always comes out, sometimes it takes a little longer than other times, but we’ll find out what in fact did happen.”

The idea that the media is good at revealing truths that might make a Democrat look bad is pretty amazing on its face. But, in this case, looking back on the past 12 years of mass media’s biased coverage and saying they are good at revealing the truth is a shocking statement in and of itself. These long-term politicos are a huge problem in blocking needed reform. Whether they are themselves involved or they are just afraid that the waves might sink their own little ship is hard to say. But, their unwillingness to help force reform is a huge problem.

McConnell goes on to say if there are any additional issues, he is certain Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, will surely investigate them. Really? Have any of us seen Senator Graham “look into” anything? Except of course the lens for Sean Hannity’s television show?

The entire Washington D.C. political class has done their best to ignore Trump and his priorities. When President Trump talked about draining the swamp, we should all realize the vast majority of our elected representatives saw themselves as swap dwellers. They completely ignored, as I pointed out last week, the testimony of all these swamp- dwelling public officials turned political commentators, like Clapper and Brennan, who testified when under oath they had seen no evidence of Russia collusion with the Trump campaign. They didn’t want to help Trump clear his name and get on with his agenda of cleaning the place up. And about the only reason I can think of for that is they were mostly dirty themselves.

Speaking of swap dwellers and money wasters, let’s look at a couple more examples of that. In the 2019 CDC budget, more than half of that money was spent on whining and hand wringing over the terrible moral hazard of vaping! Yes, vaping! So if you are wondering what we are getting for our money, over half of it has gone for diseases related to behaviors such as heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. While these are in fact problems, the core mission of the CDC was supposed to be involved in pathogens, such as this novel coronavirus!

Moving to another waste, the Trump administration is considering funding the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) again. Even though there has been no reform, President Trump is considering funding the agency at about 10 percent of our former funding, in line with the amount of funding provided by China. The problems with the W.H.O. - for those that do not remember - involve China’s political campaign to get Tedros placed as the head of the agency. Now Tedros was the health minister for Ethiopia, a African country that is ruled by a military junta…described as an “iron fist.” Tedros, who is not a doctor, was accused of covering up several cholera outbreaks while he served in Ethiopia. Yet, from this rather stained record, he was elected as the head of the W.H.O. primarily due to intense lobbying from China. So, of course, when called upon by China to help cover up their outbreak, Tedros was only too happy to oblige. I am sure the excuse would be, “This is how things are done.” This just further highlights the problems of corruption and accountability in these worldwide organizations!

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