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Atmospherics of fraud and deceit are prevalent

Author is Central Intelligence Agency, Ret., native of Sparta


On Nov. 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, was elected as our nation’s 16th president.  In 1843, 17 years before his successful campaign for the presidency, Lincoln had run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and lost.   During that unsuccessful campaign, he made one of his most memorable speeches in which he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.  I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.”

Although President Lincoln’s remarks dealt with the evolving rift between northern and southern states and the most divisive issue of the 1800s; i.e. slavery, I find Lincoln’s ‘divided-house’ remarks applicable to the increasing divisiveness and unrest currently being sown throughout our country by the Socialist Democrat Party.  The Socialists’ plan is to divide and conquer. It begins by pitting different groups, classes of people, races, nationalities, and religions against each other.  This divides the previous unity of the people. When divided, the people are weak.  When conquered, the people are slaves.  If the Socialist Democrat Party succeeds, that will be the future of America.

That doesn’t mean everyone will be locked up in cells and/or sent to re-education camps. It means the government will take over and literally control every aspect of your life.  In the end, it equates to a lifelong assembly line existence. 

For those who believe Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, their radical followers, and the overall Socialist Democrat Party are harmless, please see a psychiatrist; the words “delusional” and/or ‘insane” may apply.

To check one’s own sanity, take an honest look at the long-term damage that Biden and his socialist handlers have already inflicted on our country, our lives, our future, and even our grandchildren’s lives and future.  Focus on our southern border for a few minutes.  For self-serving political reasons, Biden has thrown the entire border open.  Waves upon waves of illegal aliens, many of whom are infected with COVID-19, are pouring across the border and disappearing into the interior of our country.

Biden has lost control of the situation, and neither he nor his vice president have any plans to go to the border for a first-hand assessment of the crisis.  In his declining mental state, Biden cannot comprehend the magnitude of the problem, much less develop a plan to resolve the situation. I do not believe there is anyone in the Biden camp with the will, knowledge, and/or skills to effectively deal with this disastrous situation.  It is fixable, but I don’t believe they want it fixed.  It keeps the public focused on the border, while the Socialist Democrat Party proceeds with their plans for a one-party nation.   

Per a well informed source, the large number of presidential Executive Orders that Biden has signed during his first 69 days in office have been orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and the president’s Socialist handlers.  They apparently have Biden convinced that he can be one of our nation’s greatest presidents if he thinks big and moves fast.  As a result, Biden signs whatever he is advised to sign. 

However, we have reached the point where there may be a public push back on Biden’s need for money.  He is scheduled to unveil the first of several large tax increases on the public.  A Socialist Democrat can’t be a Socialist Democrat without his or her pockets being full of our money.  This may be the junction where the struck match meets the tip of the fuse of a bundle of political dynamite.

This tax issue will attract the attention of the already antagonized 75- million-plus individuals who supported and voted for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.  These folks  know, just I do, that they re-elected  President Trump.  They also know that the 2020 election was a massive well-orchestrated fraud that put Joe Biden, a senile and deteriorating elderly third-rate politician in the White House.  Biden’s higher taxes are going to face major opposition.  That is why the fearful foursome - Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer - are still hiding behind a high fence of razor-wire patrolled by National Guardsmen.  I smell fear on the part of the fearful foursome. 

Once again, I say you cannot lead people who do not want to be led.  That is especially true when they out number you.  If the Socialist Democrat Party doesn’t play by the rules, why should the wronged public? Like our Founding Fathers, and as found in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, we the people have the unalienable right to oppose and throw off an illegitimate and/or destructive government, like the  Biden-Harris administration.  And, this unalienable right attaches itself for defense, protection, and enforcement purposes to the Second Amendment of our Constitution. i.e. the right to keep and bear arms.

God bless America and her patriots!         


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