Bad news and bad dreams!

(Jerry Jones is CIA, ret. & native of Sparta)


Still posing as the president of the United States, Joe “Come on Man” Biden has already signed 42 destructive and divisive Executive Orders, with more to come. When asked why he was issuing so many executive orders, he said “undoing everything Trump.”   And that, my friends, lays bare Joe Biden’s jealousy of President Donald Trump and the latter’s skills, successes, and popularity.  Biden’s statement makes it clear that he is willing to do anything to undo President Trump’s phenomenal 2017-2020 legacy, even if it means hurting the American people.  Biden’s mantra is “America Last!”

In addition to his disregard for the American people, Biden’s actions also confirm two other things.  First, he is controlled by the radical left wing of the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP).  Second, he lied when he said he wanted unity.  There is no doubt, that Biden has sold his soul to China, World Socialism, and Globalism, in that order.

Another reason Biden is pushing the executive orders out on an almost daily basis, is to draw attention away from the fact that Congress, both the Senate and House of Representatives, are in a state of disarray.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are focused on one thing - trying to push through an unconstitutional impeachment of now former President Trump.  They believe - actually it is more of a hope than a belief - a successful impeachment will ruin President Trump’s chances of being the Republican presidential candidate in 2024.  They know that if President Trump or his son Don Jr. runs for the presidency, in 2024, they - the Democrats, the Socialists, Communists - will lose.  The 2024 presidential election will be the most scrutinized in American history.

As pointed out in last week’s article, Biden’s executive orders have already caused the loss of thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry and associated businesses/companies.  The price of oil and gas is already on the rise.  Donald Trump made us energy independent for the first time over 75 years.  Biden has already wiped out that much coveted status. 

There is no doubt coal mining is next on Biden’s extermination list.  They claim the out-of-work miners can find work among industries created by the New Green Deal.

Although I have not confirmed this, it is my understanding that, in addition to his closure of the America-Canadian Keystone XL pipeline, Biden may close the Dakota pipeline.  If true, that will ensure that we will once again be dependent on the Middle East and other  foreign entities countries for our oil and gas needs. 

I believe we all remember Biden saying he had a plan for dealing with the COVID-19, aka the Chinese Virus, and distribution of the vaccine(s).  My wife wrote and asked for a copy.  There is no plan.  It turns out Biden is winging it.  I guess he is blaming it on his bad memory; i.e. he just thought he had a plan but didn’t.  He has no plan, and getting the vaccine to the right places and right people is malfunctioning. Biden is just another self-important politician who told a serious lie.  Get use to things like this because this is how socialism works.   

In the meantime, things are happening on the world stage that would NOT have happened if the election had not been rigged against President Trump.

One:  Iran announced it is a week or so away from having a nuclear weapon.  Why did they announce it?  Because they are not afraid of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.  They are the picture of weak leadership.  But, don’t worry, the Israelis will take care of this situation.  If any radioactive dust falls, it will be on Iran, not Israel.  With our weak leadership, I cannot say the same for us.

 Two: China is Sabre-rattling. They are increasing tensions with and threatening Taiwan.  They have also threatened our military, primarily our Navy, that patrols the area.  And, Japan, Vietnam, and Australia have been threatened.

Taiwan is the major target, and I would not be surprised to see a full blown attack on Taiwan.  I hope I am wrong.  China feared President Trump but not Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.  Don’t forget the Bidens have financial connections with China, as do many other Washington D.C. politicians.  Don’t expect Joe Biden to defend Taiwan.  But, if we don’t defend Taiwan, then China will assume it will be unchallenged anywhere in the world.

To President Trump’s credit in the weeks before he left office, he approved nearly $4.2 billion in arms sales to Taiwan. The sale included but was not limited to 100 Boeing-made Harpoon Coastal Defense Systems, 400 Harpoon Block Surface Launched Missiles, 135 Boeing-made air-to-ground cruise missiles, 11 Lockheed Martin truck-mounted rocket launchers, and six MS-110 reconnaissance pods for Taiwan’s fighter jets.  The sale had two purposes: (01) deter China from attacking Taiwan; (02) to inflict  severe damage on any attacking force.  The weak link is Biden and whether he will allow U.S. forces to defend an attacked Taiwan.   

If China doesn’t attack Taiwan within the next six months, they will have missed a good chance.  We have an illegitimate and weak president and vice president in the White House who does not have the support of 75-million of our people (me included).  Biden’s and Harris’ primary concern is self-enrichment and moving ahead with the new green deal that eats money and will accomplish little.  They do not understand that Mother Nature is an undefeated champion.

And, with Biden’s executive orders diminishing, our oil and gas production/reserves and our military guarding Nancy Pelosi and the National Capitol Building instead of being on alert, we are vulnerable.  This vulnerability is magnified by the fact that we are burdened with the COVID-19 virus like the rest of the world.  Don’t forget that virus was the product of a laboratory in Wuhan, China. It has weakened the entire world, and guess who is sitting in the cat-bird seat.  CHINA!!!

I don’t know about you, but lately I haven’t slept very well.  I wonder why.  The two-part answer can be found in Beijing and in the White House.  That is my opinion.

Vote Trump in 2024!

God Bless America and her patriots!    


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I'm actually appalled that the Expositor would allow this man to continue to post things to this website. Everything he brings forth is based in absolutely no-evidence. He keeps saying, "I have evidence that I could show you, but I'll do it at another time" which equals "I have nothing but conspiracy theories." Nothing he has is based in fact, and also the facts that he brings forth are not even true. Thanks to an OBAMA era policy that was led and passed under President Obama. the US will be energy independent by 2023. That was without all of these things that this man says that President Trump has done to make us "energy independent". The fact is, President Biden has already stood up to these countries on the international stage, especially Russia. Unlike President Trump, Joe Biden does not have a man crush on Vladimir Putin and Kim-Jong Un. He aspires to be president, not dictator.

Also, President Biden is not "posing" as US president. He was fairly and rightfully elected. The election officials that oversaw the so called fraud in the states that they have contested were republicans. There is no evidence of voter fraud or tampered election, hence why there have been no cases that have gotten anywhere near court. This is also evidenced by the fact that all of President Trumps attorneys would resign from the cases when it came time. You don't get jail time for saying lies in the press, but you do when you say lies under oath, which is why they would not go forward with it. Also, Dominion, the company that manufactured and distributed the ballot boxes, has opened a defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani for over $1 million, which he has conveniently changed his tune and admitted that the ballot boxes were not tampered. with. If there was fraud, it would have been found in court. The fact is, there is absolutely no evidence of it. Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, and people can't believe it. He was a one-term president. I understand that this can hurt when you support someone. It's like when your favorite team gets beat by a team that has no business being in the same stadium. It happened though. And yes, Trump supporters organized and attacked the capital. And yes, Donald Trump had a hand in inciting them and should not be allowed to run for office again. I understand the denial. There are a lot of good people who voted for President Trump and you can't imagine that something that you supported so staunchly could turn out like it did. So facts are ignored to fit a narrative that helps you sleep better. Maybe that's why our author gets no sleep. He keeps spreading misinformation and Qanon conspiracies to the public

.If you believe that a conspiracy is so large that it involved every Republican, Democrat, court-judge, official except for President Trump and a few cult followers, then you really are missing the picture. There's nothing I could write in this to change your mind. Which is the larger problem of today's society. Instead of finding newstories from reputable news sources, we trust everything we see shared on Facebook. We believe every word of Qanon conspiracy theories from Jerry Jones. We only watch Fox News, and because they won't say that President Trump was cheated and won't tell me what I want to hear, we go to Newsmax, who opens their shows by saying that their programming is for entertainment purposes so that they won't get sued. The former institutions of journalism as the gatekeepers of what should be right and accurate information are gone. Especially when we let people post things like this.

I hope one day, we will value common sense again over what a politician tells us to do. I truly think President Biden will try to heal some wounds. If you get mad that he enforces some democratic policies, he's a democratic president. Why wouldn't he? Just like President Trump and Bush before him would do Republican policies.

Also,and lastly, Socialism is not Communism. These are two completely different political structures. One does not lead to the other. I think that it's a shame that the editors of the Expositor have let things like that fly on their website. If you can't remember your high school government or college political science class, then you probably shouldn't be writing an ed piece for a newspaper. A simple Google search will prove him wrong with this (From Google: The main difference is that socialism is compatible with democracy and liberty, whereas Communism involves creating an 'equal society' through an authoritarian state, which denies basic liberties.) But also, a simple Google search will prove just about all he says wrong. Think for yourself, and search out the truth from credible sources. if you think that there aren't any, look at the two sources from opposite sides, and find what's in the middle. Or go to


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