Becoming who God wants you to be

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The culture around every person today screams, “Be who you want to be!”  The hidden agenda within this proclamation of today is as long as you look like everyone else that is trying to stand out.  Ever notice how those that attempt to stand out more from others or those that try to be individuals begin to look like others?  This is because it is the same voice of deception attempting to make each person something opposite of what God desires for them to be.  In the book of Judges, there is one example in particular that thought he was a nobody, small and was going to amount to nothing, but God had other plans for him. 

The children of Israel cried unto the Lord for help and God sends a man, a prophet, to remind them of what He has done, but the people do not obey the voice of God (Judges 6:7-10).  This prophet was sent by God to give a message to the people, but this cleared the way for Gideon to come in behind the prophet to lead the people, but he had to first become who God wanted him to be.  Gideon was hiding while threshing out wheat when God sends a messenger to Gideon (Judges 6:11-12).  This messenger calls Gideon a mighty man of valor (Judges 6:12).  For a man hiding from everyone this is a declaration of what should be in God’s eyes. 

There may be areas of life that a person feels like Gideon, small, a nobody, or even worthless, but this is NOT what God says about anyone.  These are lies from the enemy, Satan, that attempt to beat down individuals and hold them back from becoming who God wants those individuals to be. 

If a person gives their heart and life to Jesus Christ as their Savior (John 3:3), puts on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18), and stands against the spiritual enemies, that person will have vic-tory through Jesus Christ.  When a person has a relationship with Jesus Christ, uses the Word of God to understand who God wants them to be, and allows the Holy Spirit and a local pastor to mature them (Ephesians 4:11-12), that person becomes who God wants them to be.  Once Gideon obeyed the first commands God had given him, Gideon began to build confidence in himself and his hearing of God’s commands turning him into a mighty man of valor.  This process made the messenger’s declaration come true about Gideon. 

God has plans and purposes for each person born on the earth (Jeremiah 29:11), so the world, spiritual enemies, and our own flesh are usually our biggest hindrances to becoming who God wants us to be.  Christians must overcome this deception of being whoever they desire to be and become who God says to be. 

It is within being who God wants that the perfect will of God is found and maintained as that Christian walks with God every day. Once Gideon became who God wanted him to be, Gideon was able to lead an army for God and do great and mighty things (Judges 6-8). 

Are you becoming what culture or your flesh desires or are you becoming who God wants you to be?  The best plans and purposes for each person’s life are found in becoming who God wants them to be.  Who are you going to be? 

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