BonDeCroft Student Spotlight


 During the November meeting of the White County School Board, principal Sara Cope, of BonDeCroft Elementary School, presented six students to the board members as she and the faculty spotlighted not only the great work that the students are doing in the classroom but also the work they are doing to be good citizens.

Aeslyn Lacasse was nominated by kindergarten teacher Jackie Howard who said that Aeslyn exemplifies good citizenship daily in her classroom.

“She is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected by adding sentences and illustrations to her assignments.  She is eager to learn new things and is a great listener,” Howard said.

Howard further stated that Aeslyn displays leadership skills and kindness to others by willingly helping other students whenever she can, including volunteering to clean up the classroom at the end of the day. She shows respect for others by always using kind manners in line for lunch and, when asked questions, always responds with ‘please and thank you.’  “Aeslyn’s hard work and perseverance, along with her positive attitude, make her an outstanding student that daily demonstrates our Lion’s Pledge of being, Respectful, On Time, Aware and Responsible Every Day in Every Way.”

Rachel Holman, first grade teacher, nominated Sammy Welch, saying that he is kind and respectful to all those around him, always eager to help a friend in need and keeping his work neat and organized.

“Sammy has learned a strong work ethic at a young age.  Some examples are that he shows mules at fairs and other shows, grows and sells crops from his family farm, and volunteers with his family to do things that benefit BonDeCroft, even if it means giving up his free time on the weekend,” Holman said, indicating that his hard work both in and out of school is something to be admired by people of all ages.  “I can’t wait to see what Sammy accomplishes in life, and I’m proud to be a part of it as his first-grade teacher.”

Connor Georgia was nominated by second grade teacher London Hamby who said Connor is a student who is always working hard and trying his best in all that he does.

“Connor is respectful to his peers and all adults.  He is always the first to offer help to anyone in need.  He is a friend to everyone,” Hamby said and further stated she has high expectations for her young student and is confident in his future. “I think Connor will grow up to be a kind and hardworking member of society no matter what he chooses to do in life. “

Ashley Lee nominated third-grader Braden Lee for her grade level spotlight award, saying he shows a strong sense of responsibility every day.

“Citizenship is a sense of belonging to a community for which one bears some responsibility.  Braden is a great example of exceptional citizenship inside our classroom and our school,” Lee said. “He genuinely cares about his actions and the effects they will have on others.  Braden can be a great leader and peacemaker when things get tough. He is honest and caring towards everyone he meets.”

Staci Dildine said it is a privilege to have Jordana Lacasse in her fourth grade classroom and that she cannot say enough good things about her student.

“She is hardworking, respectful, and always kind to everyone.  Jordana sets an example of excellence in behavior and academics in our classroom.  She has a strong work ethic and always puts forth her best effort,” Dildine said  as she talked about how she enjoyed getting to know Jordana’s character.  “She has such a heart for others and is always willing to help a classmate in need.  I know I can always count on Jordana to be a positive role model in our classroom.”

Fifth grade student Gloria Hernandez was nominated by Katherine Wylie for her position as a role model in the classroom.

“She always comes in with a smiling face and positive attitude.  Her bubbly personality is contagious, and she makes all students feel welcome around her.  She is responsible and shows great leadership skills,” Wylie said, adding that Gloria is an asset to both her teacher and her peers.  “Not only can I rely on her, but her peers and classmates can rely on her as well.  She is tough but caring and kind and is always there to lend a helping hand.”   

The students were congratulated by members of the White County School Board and were given a small trophy to commemorate the day and remind them that doing good, being kind, and making positive choices will help them win at life.


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