Budget transfers are approved for sheriff’s office

Judicial commissioner Michael Weedman resigns effective Aug. 1


he White County Board of Commissioners met briefly for their regular called meeting, on July 19, and passed all four resolutions on their agenda.

The first resolution on the agenda was Resolution No. 43-07-2021, which amended the Fiscal Year 2022 general fund by reallocating funds from an unfilled evening clerk position in the county jail to provide other position in both the jail and the sheriff’s department with raises.

Before the resolution could be voted on, county executive Denny Wayne Robinson pointed out to the commissioners that, should they pass the resolution, it would be contingent upon the sheriff signing a statement agreeing to the reduction of positions under his jurisdiction as well as the county’s attorney, John Meadows, agreeing the reduction of positions would not leave the county liable.

The motion passed, with 10 commissioners voting “yes,” and two commissioners, Dillard Quick and Cain Rogers, voting “no.” Commissioners Lee Broyles and Terry Alley were absent.

“I didn’t feel that there was a fair explanation about how the employees were chosen to receive these raises or why the amounts differed from person to person,” Quick said, when asked about his ‘no’ vote.

Quick said, that under this amendment, 10 county employees will be receiving raises in addition to the 3 percent raise that was included in the recently passed 2022 county budget.

“How were the amounts chosen?” Quick said. “Why are two people only getting five cents more an hour, while another person will get $2.12 more per hour? What about the rest of the employees at the jail and the sheriff’s department who aren’t getting additional raises? I would like to have had more clarification and transparency.”

Rogers wasn’t available for comment about his vote.

The second resolution, No. 44-07-2021, also came with the same comment from Robinson about needing a signed letter of agreement from the sheriff and approval from the county’s attorney before it could be put into effect as it will reallocate funds from two unfilled correction officer positions to provide other employees of the jail with raises.

This resolution passed with all 12 commissioners in attendance voting “yes” as the raises would be applied across the board for all guards, with the only difference in amounts being based on rank.

The third resolution, 45-07-2021, allowed for the appropriate balance of Summer Learning Camp Transportation grant funds to be used for the final payment to bus drivers and attendants who provided the transportation for students to and from White County’s summer school. The resolution also allowed for the funds to be used to pay for the diesel fuel used during the Summer Learning program.

The final resolution the board of commissioners passed during their July meeting appointed the 2021-2022 Nominating Committee. The seven members appointed to the Nominating Committee until September 2022 are Roger Mason, Dillard Quick, Dakota White, T.K. Austin, Lonnie Crouch, Kyle Goff, and Andy Haston.

Before the meeting adjourned, the commissioners voted to approve all of the Notary Applications that were presented to them and voted to place three items on the spread of the minutes. 

Robinson presented to the board a Fiscal Confirmation Letter that he said was a requirement to remain in the ThreeStar Community Development Program. He also presented a letter from the state’s comptroller stating the county’s budget had been accepted. Finally, Robinson presented a letter of resignation from judicial commissioner Michael Weedman that will be effective Aug. 1, 2021.

All of the letters presented to the board of commissioners were accepted and will appear in the official minutes from the July 19 regular call meeting.

The next regular called meeting for the full board of county commissioners is scheduled for 6 p.m., Aug. 16, 2021, in the third floor courtroom, of the White County Courthouse.    


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