Calling on Rep. Paul Sherrell to set the record straight

Think for Yourself


I have explained that I do not advocate for the Republican Party. Neither am I an advocate for the Democratic Party as Troy Smith is. I have my opinions and encourage you to think for yourself. I strive to stay honest and on topic. I consider myself a political umpire, not a team player. I support the Constitution and the “rules of the game.” Occasionally, I will blow a call, but it is not because I am impartial. Today I must demonstrate just how true this is.

I received a “robocall” supporting Paul Sherrell and denouncing the protest at the state capitol and the role three Democrats played in it. The protest could be considered unlawful, and the lawmakers’ actions violated decorum. The call stated law enforcement arrested individuals and confiscated pipe bombs and other weapons from protestors. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol, no arrests, injuries, or property damage were associated with the demonstration at the capitol in Nashville, on March 30th. The protest was loud and unruly but peaceful. Two of the three lawmakers encouraged protestors to be rowdy but did not call for violence. All three lawmakers broke the rules of decorum and deserved some form of reprimand. The expulsion voted for by the legislature was barely symbolic since both ejected members were reseated. Furthermore, the vote only encouraged accusations of the body’s racist motivations, like Troy Smith made last week. Representative Sherrell has already faced that accusation in recent months. I will point out that the two expelled members wielded a bullhorn and chose to represent themselves during the session to expel them. The other member never used the bullhorn and had legal representation present. She still narrowly escaped expulsion.

I do not personally know Representative Sherrell. I voted against him in every primary but chose him in the general elections. I suggest that Representative Sherrell demonstrate some integrity and publicly denounce the organization responsible for spreading lies about the March 30th demonstration with these calls. I will not blame the representative for the lies or make accusations about his motivation for his vote. Unlike what Troy did last week, I will point out that Representative Sherrell commented on using “hanging from a tree” to execute condemned criminals, not racially lynching innocent people. Still, Representative Sherrell apologized for his statement. Instead, I will challenge him to correct the record, distance himself from these calls, and demand they refrain from lying about the protest to paint him as a hero saving us from the unwashed masses.

I disagree with the protestors’ positions on gun control. They had no right to disrupt legislative business with their demonstration, and lawmakers probably feared the situation was dangerous. There is a productive way to make a difference and an effective way to get attention. Representatives Johnson, Jones, and Pearson wanted attention. Those who voted for expulsion gave the three national attention with no productive effect. I don’t have an answer for the evil done with guns because the problem is with people, not the guns. I despise unproven accusations. I despise using lies to gain sympathy, garner support, or win a debate. Mostly I despise when politicians lend weight to the idea that all politicians are liars. Representative Sherrell, you can do the right thing. Everyone else, think for yourself.             


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