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Are we all familiar with Mike Lindell, the “My Pillow” guy? Well, over the past few days, Mike and a team of scientists - computer science, statisticians, white-hat hackers and the like - do a very deep dive into the 2020 election returns and how very strange they are on so many levels. And it is all displayed at this website www.frankspeech.com. Mike said he has spent about $15 million on doing and disseminating all the many details that make your listening to this site well worth your time. There is even footage of our vice president, Kamala Harris, talking about back when she was a senator seeing computer experts walk into an election machine set up and hack the machines right before the senator’s eyes.

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Let me just talk a moment from personal experience. I was on the board of elections when White County purchased its computer voting systems. We all questioned the vendors closely and none more so than our chairman at the time, James Allen Simpson. He truly did push the vendor on quality issues, hackability, and service on the day of voting. And he pressed the issues! We were all told repeatedly that these systems could not be hacked because they are not connected to the internet and therefore are not hackable. They pointed out to us there was no port in the machine one could use to plug the machine in to a modem or the like. Yet, you will see in this video that there is a wireless modem plugged in to the mother board of the machine. One of the computer scientists said that when he walked through a voting center where the machines were set up, he had a device in his pocket that would ping any local available modem. And, he said when he exited the voting area, every one of the machines had pinged his device - and so much more.

When we talked of buying these machines for White County, there was no question that we were going to voting electronically. The only question we had was what equipment to purchase. So, staying with the old very dependable punch card system was not an option. We all talked among ourselves that if these machines were truly secure, the only way to penetrate them would have been either in the programming or the manufacturing of the machines, and we had been assured these vendors were accredited by the powers that be in Washington DC for being trustworthy. So, even though we were all apprehensive about the security, we made the best decision we could based on the assurances we had at the time. My only point is that we most definitely were told these machines could not go online.

The first move we should make is to bar access to the machines by anyone until we have made a forensic copy of the operating system and all its pieces parts. That way, we preserve evidence. It seems that the presenters at this conference had made such a copy quietly and then allowed an  “update” the voting machines service tech said he had to perform. After comparing on screen for us the before and after visit copies of the hard drive, there was only one change. In the log for communications. All mentions on the log of accessing the internet the day of election and a few days afterward. That, it seems, was the update. So, the first thing we must do is secure our voting machines and all the attendant software 100 percent. Secondly, we need to make “forensic copies” of the hard drive and all records on the hard drive. Finally, we need to perform a “forensic audit” of the election.

That requires a computer expert to go through every piece of the operating system looking for signs of manipulation and/or the machine going online in the late night of the election and any time thereafter. Based on what was shown at the symposium, these people were so over-confident they would not be discovered that they left enough evidence in place to convince the doubtful. But time is of essence!           


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