Commissioners fund up to $18,750 to repair primary pumper for Cassville VFD

County still in negotiations with potential buyer for landfill


White County Board of Commissioners held their most recent meeting, on May 20, during which they made several amendments to the county’s budget, although most of them did not affect the county’s general fund.

The board unanimously approved budget transfers within the school system to complete the building projects taking place at BonDeCroft Elementary School. They also adjusted the budget to complete the softball facility at the high school as well as upgrade and make repairs to some restrooms at the high school.

In the county’s budget, amendments were made to use grant fees to purchase office equipment for Chancery Court and to use a Tennessee Highway Safety Office grant for expenses for the sheriff’s office. They also agreed to pay $4,850 for a combination of veterinary services and pest control services at the animal shelter.

Other budget adjustments included paying for a software program for White County Emergency Medical Service that will aid with patient care records and donating to White County Public Library for the summer reading program. In addition, the board recognized a U.S. Department of Justice Bullet Proof Vest funding, which will reimburse the county for 50 percent of the cost of vests for officers at the sheriff’s office.

The commissioners also approved the budget committee’s request to fund up to 75 percent, but not exceeding $18,750, toward repairs for the Cassville Volunteer Fire Department’s primary pumper, which had failed required tests during a recent inspection. Repairs are estimated to be between $20,000 and $25,000.

The full court of commissioners also approved appointing Gary McBride, Roger Morris, Marshall LaFever, Michael Lewis, and Kenya Reed to a two-year term for the County Board of Equalization. Cody Wilhite was named the board’s alternate member.

Before the meeting was adjourned, a concerned resident asked the board for an update on the county’s landfill situation. County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson informed the public in attendance the county was still in negotiations with the potential buyer. Robinson said there had been some back-and-forth communications, with offers and counter-offers. Robinson said there was a meeting scheduled to find out the latest response to the county’s counter-offer.

The next meeting for White County Board of Commissioners will be 6 p.m., June 17, in the third-floor courtroom, at the courthouse. Committee meetings, which are also open to the public, will take place on June 3.


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