Communist China’s goals: Defeat USA and assume world leadership dominance

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 PART ONE:  The Communist Party of China (CCP) is no longer hiding the fact that it intends to dominate the world and is economically, financially and militarily positioning itself to wrest world leadership from the United States (U.S.).  These have  long been coveted goals of the CCP.

The possibility that Communist China clandestinely participated in and/or interfered with the 2020 U.S. presidential election has risen from possibly to probably.  Why would they do that?  They  feared a second four-year term of President Donald Trump, who had restored U.S. dominance over China is his first four-year term.  When China, faced Donald Trump, America’s non-politician American president for the first time, in 2017, they expected him to be a pushover in their effort to continue to dominate the relationship between the two countries.  Their intention was to speed up their agenda and oust the U.S. from its world leadership position, but their assessment of the new president was wrong.

In a major setback for the stunned leadership of China, it was President Trump who took control of the relationship between the two countries.  Donald Trump (A) dominated and controlled trade agreements between the two nations, levied increased tariffs on their products, which benefited the U.S. not China for the first time since Obama’s 8-year sellout to the CCP, and (B) built a more technologically advanced and modern military to offset China’s higher numbers of military personnel.  He also surprised China by creating America’s sixth military branch, the U.S. Space Force, which vaulted the U.S. military into the space age.

I recently read a very lengthy article that exceeded two full pages in The Epoch Times, which is an independent newspaper that was founded in 2000 with the goal to restore accuracy and integrity in the media.  The article was entitled CCP Advisor Revealed Detailed Plan to Defeat Unites States.  I was aware of some of what was revealed in the article, but there were some things I was not aware of.  Overall, it was an astounding and very revealing article.  And, it confirms that China is our number one foreign enemy.

I do not have the space in this opinion piece to address the complete Epoch Times article, which was written by Cathy He and Nicole Hao.  The source of their article was a speech written and given by Jin Canrong, a Chinese professor and Associate Dean of the School of International Studies at Beijing’s Renmin University of China.  Jin is a prominent scholar known for his fiery anti-U.S. rhetoric.  During his July 2016 speech entitled “Sino-U.S. Strategic Philosophy,” which was given in Guangzhou City in southern China, Professor Jin explained China’s plan to defeat and replace the U.S. as leader of the world.   

The following are selected excerpts from the noted article and Jin’s speech:

  Early in the speech, Jin proclaimed, “We (China) want to be the world leader.”

“The strategy to topple the United States has two broad components: weakening America through both internal and foreign sources; and strengthening the Chinese regime’s economic, military and diplomatic power.”

“Jin said the CCP was thinking of many ways to weaken the United States.  He offered four practical tactics:  (01) Manipulating Elections,  (02) Controlling the U.S. Market, (03) Fostering enemies of the U.S., and (04) Causing International Problems for the U.S.

Regarding Tactic 1, Manipulating  Elections, “Jin suggested that the CCP should interfere in U.S. Elections to bring pro-Beijing candidates to power.  He singled out races for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives (HOP) as an easy target .... He said China’s ambition is to control the HOP .... the Chinese government wants to arrange ‘Chinese investments’ (buy votes) in every single U.S. congressional district to control thousands of voters in each district.”

Regarding the Stock Market, “Jin said ramping up Chinese investments in the U.S. is another way to exert influence in the U.S. political system .... He said the Chinese regime wants Chinese business people to control the U.S. market and to develop their business in the country.  He said the Chinese regime had tried to negotiate a U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty with Washington but it fell off the agenda during the Trump Administration.

On the subject of Fostering Enemies of the U.S., “Jin  said the CCP’s ‘strategic task’ is to make sure the United States has no less than four enemies.  That’s how many are needed to stretch U.S. resources while bogging the U.S government down in domestic debates over which threat to prioritize.  Jin said, if the United States has four enemies it will totally lose its direction.  Jin noted that China had made a multi-year effort to create a bad relationship between the U.S. and Brazil but it had failed and recently been abandoned.

Commenting on the issue of Causing International Problems for the U.S., “Jin said China had a strategic advantage over the U.S. due to the U.S. role as a global enforcer; Whenever there is a crisis in the world, the U,S, is obligated to intervene to maintain global stability, which in turn drains U.S. resources and diverts attention away from China,  He cited the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and noted that the cost to the U.S. was $36 Trillion and 10,000 soldiers’ lives.  He noted the U.S. wasted 10 years without being aware of China’s growth and development.”

Jin cited another possible tactic, i.e. “Sell the CCP’s holdings of U.S. Treasury Bonds to precipitate a debt crisis for the U.S.  He stated that according to the U.S. Treasury China currently holds $1.1 Trillion in U.S. Treasury Securities.”  Note: That was five years ago and  the amount has probably increased.     

PART TWO of Communist China’s Goals:  Defeat the U.S. and Assume World Leadership Dominance will appear in next week’s Opinion Article.

One final comment before I close this article.  I have never understood or condoned our government borrowing money from our enemies.  I know there is an old saying; i.e. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  However, borrowing money on a grand scale from an enemy exceeds whatever benefits, if any, are derived from keeping your enemies closer.  This critical mistake is not limited to a single political party.  But I digress as budgets and/or lack thereof and our spendthrift government is a subject for future discussion.  At the moment CCP is our target subject, and deservedly so.  God Bless America!

--Jerry Jones is Central Intelligence Agency, Ret., and a native of Sparta.


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