Connor Brewington learns discipline through sports


Connor Brewington will be putting on his football pads and pulling a maroon and gray jersey over them, something he has done since he was 6 years old, for one final season this fall, and, when he does, he hopes to make an impact on those around them.

“I’m a vocal leader. I like to keep people’s heads up and encourage them to make up for a missed opportunity or a bad moment by making the next one better,” the White County High School senior said. “Football is a game, and we will have a lot of fun.”

Despite the fun that Brewington finds on the field, he said there is a time to be serious, and he hopes to show his teammates that there is room for both.

“Football taught me a lot about discipline,” the Warrior defensive end said. “You have to be serious about your preparation. Work hard. Don’t goof off or slack on the work done between games. We want to have fun, but you have to be serious in serious moments.”

As Brewington enters his final season as a White County Warrior, he is setting goals for himself and his teammates.

“Hopefully, we get a region win and have a shot at the playoffs,” Brewington said.

“We lost some good players after graduation, but we have a lot of size coming back and some great players who are going to step up and fill in those shoes.”

As for how Brewington said the Warriors can build on last season and have a successful year, he claims it is a simple strategy.

“Be dedicated. Work hard. Start off the year with good momentum coming out of workouts and keep that momentum going throughout the season,” he explained, then added that he hopes he and his teammates are part of something that lasts long into the future. “We are trying to change Sparta football.”       


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