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I must start by apologizing for missing our meeting last week. A matter came up that forced me to head east all at once to take care of some issues. My apologies to you all!

I noticed the mention last week of fake conspiracies, and I just wanted to mention a few of my own. I well remember when President Donald Trump was accused of having Russian connections. Russian loans perhaps? There was even talk of Trump being a Russian “stooge” for Putin. But then, after about three years and millions of taxpayer dollars spent and untold damage done to a sitting president’s term of office, came the Mueller Report.

The Mueller Repot, we were told by the news media, will settle the matter. But the Mueller Report cleared Trump! So, then we had additional harrumping and throat clearing, and we must hear from Mueller himself. Then when Mueller proved that he had no idea what had gone into his report, it was back to hints and innuendo. You see, the American left doesn’t accept the end of these matters. They will continue to push in rumor and pop culture until many people are deceived.

Then, last week, we discovered once and for all, in the trial of Hillary’s lawyer and through the testimony under oath of one Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign chief, that Hillary herself had directed Mr. Mook to go to the press with the “Russian Dossier.” The same dossier that we all know now, and many knew then, including most of America’s heads of intelligence agencies, was a complete fabrication paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

So, I guess one could say that the “conspiracy theory” that the Russian dossier was the result of a conspiracy of Clinton and the DNC to take out a sitting president… I would say that “theory” is now a fact. Think of it. Millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent to smear a man with false information, passed off willingly by the heads of the highest intelligence agencies in the land as real, was bogus. That seems to me dangerously close to a coup.

Then, remember the Hunter Biden laptop scandal? We were told, solemnly, by candidate Biden, that over 50 present and former heads of intelligence services said the laptop was an example of Russian disinformation. A willing press parrots the line without fact checking it, or worse, found it was false and reported it as truth anyway.

Remember when Congressman Schiff said solemnly, that while the Mueller investigation was ongoing, he had seen plenty of evidence “in plain sight” that Trump was a Russian dupe. On and on I could go recounting the “conspiracy theories” of Democrat misdeeds that ended up being fact. Yet, strangely, all the conspiracies of Trump being involved in various misdeeds were all proven false. There is a lot in this history that would seemingly argue for some modesty from Democrats about conspiracies. But, of course, when has a Democrat ever shown constraint or remorse? When have we heard an apology from Democrats over their lies and the damage those lies caused our country?

Let’s move now to the latest smear of “the pillow man” Mike Lindell. Far from being “secret information,” Mike Lindell has spent millions of his own money attempting to warn all of us of problems with the election machines ( He has recorded sessions with world recognized experts proving the vulnerabilities not only exist, but they are also numerous and dangerous.  Just this week, a Homeland Security voting security group called CISA released a report on voting machine security: CISA is recommending that, in jurisdictions where the Dominion voting machines are used, officials should implement safeguards such as testing of machines before and after elections, post-election audits, and asking voters to confirm the readable portion of machine-generated paper ballots.

However, even according to the CISA advisory, voter confirmation of the human-readable, computer-generated paper ballot can be skirted by hackers. Automated counting of ballots is done by reading a QR code printed on them, and CISA warned that some of the software vulnerabilities could allow hackers to generate a code that’s “inconsistent with the human-readable portion of the paper ballot.”

In other words, you could program the machine to tell the voter it was recording a vote for Trump and then go on to count the vote differently. I am sure you could even program the machine to print out a receipt for the vote and still use that vote in whatever fashion the operators of the machine programmed into it.

Take a bow Mr. Mike Lindell, Pillow Man. You, sir, are a patriot!        


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