Countdown to November election continues

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 Good morning everyone, and let us get right to work! Remember, Monday, Oct. 5, is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Get registered today!

So, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. While I understand and you should also, the Democrats’ insistence on waiting until after the upcoming presidential election to replace her, Republicans will argue that Trump is president until Jan. 20, and he is perfectly within his rights to name a successor to Justice Ginsberg. Expect a full-on assault on Mitch McConnell for daring to bring to the floor and vote on a successor to the vacancy.

Look, the Democrats just want to wait until after the election because they know that if the replacement is selected before the election, Donald Trump will be the one who chooses. While waiting until after the election at least gives them a possibility of naming the next justice. So ignore all the blather about precedence and fairness and balance and whatever other sand they can find to fling in our faces and jam up the gears of government procedure. They simply want to be the ones making the justice pick. It ain’t no more complicated than that!

Before we leave this subject, one more observation. Think of all the polls that have been taken on the opinion of voters over various “issues” Trump is said to have influenced. All of the trees dead and gone to make the paper to print these observations, forecasts, prognostications. If naming a Supreme Court justice was mentioned, it was only in passing. But, many people may base the way they vote on the way the Congress goes about naming a replacement to Ruth Bader Ginsberg! Once again proving the observation of that sage Rush Limbaugh, “The events that will motivate and inform voters rarely happen until just before the election.” That is not a hard position to believe. We all tend to remember best what happened last. Yet many times we get caught up in the powerful emotions generated from momentary events and think we can predict just how things will turn out. Not so fast!

Something to ponder. I spent many years of my life refusing to listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I didn’t want people to think Rush had informed my opinions, and I dismissed all praise of him as being a product of his excellent self-promotion and not based on his merit. I should have known better! Be that as it may, just a handful of years ago I was listening to him because there was a major event breaking, and I was stuck in a car (don’t remember which one it was) and at the end of the politician’s speech covering that event Rush commented on hearing roughly similar words many years before and within just a few minutes had produced a recording of the speech to which he referred as well as the surrounding environment for it. I was so impressed with that level of recall I became an ardent listener on the spot! Rush has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The fact he is still alive is proof of the strides we have made in treating cancer and cancer patients. But if you ever want to understand why he was such a powerful voice for conservatism, your last few chances are occurring now. No one can say how much longer his voice will be with us. But I urge you to listen whenever you can to his take on breaking events. You will not be disappointed! As for me, people swore I got all my information from Rush all those years anyway. All I had done was deprive myself of a valuable resource! Rush is on 11 a.m.-2 p.m., on AM 1400, which is in Cookeville, and should be available to most. Listen next time you get a chance. You will not be disappointed! And what’s more, his normal audience of 30 million has grown lately to over 50 million people in the course of a week! Can you doubt many liberals pray daily (or would if they thought it would help) for his demise?

As we rush at warp speed toward this mail-in voting fiasco that is fast approaching us, some have said we need a full Supreme Court to vote on issues coming from that election in case there are troubling issues requiring judicial decisions. One such development would be the recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that allows for the counting of votes received after election day and regardless of the postmark or lack of a postmark until three days after the election was to have ended. We will see everywhere this option is available that Democrats will look at the vote totals announced the day of the election as a target to beat. All their minions will come forward with ballots not postmarked but filled out and demand those ballots be counted. You can see how a Republican victory on election day can quickly turn into a defeat. Indeed many states are seeing this fine quality horse manure being shoveled into the discourse that goes “because Democrats vote more by mail the totals on election night will be heavily weighted toward Republicans only to see them lose eventually as the Democrat mail in votes are counted.” And one must wonder, is there also a propensity for Democrat voters to mail in their ballots late?

Additionally, in Michigan, a judge has ruled that because the pandemic “might” have slowed the delivery of mail votes postmarked up to the date of the election but not received up to two weeks later must be counted. And has further ruled that vote harvesting can take place for roughly a week before the election. These rulings in two swing states are an indication that Republicans are not going to be able to win by a narrow margin. Only those office holders capable of generating an overwhelming victory will be able to maintain that victory after the Democrat voting farce fills out all the ballots they have collected from various incorrect mail-outs etc. in an effort to sway election results. As has often been said, it matters who counts the votes! Until next week…     


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