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 Well here we are again! Glad to have your pair of eyes directed here, and I will do my best to justify the time you invest in reading here.

Our justice system is again the subject of our scrutiny. The president was forced to commute Roger Stone’s sentence to keep the man out of prison after his request for a new trial was denied. His request for a new trial was not a matter of merely going through the motions. The foreman of the jury that convicted Roger Stone was a black American that had written all kinds of negative things about both Stone and the president prior to going on jury duty. Once this foreman had been chosen, all the anti-Trump materials had been removed from her (?) Facebook account so she could appear to be neutral for the jury proceedings.

Here we have Roger Stone convicted in a jury trial where the foreperson concealed her bias against Stone and Trump and denied the material later proven to be on her Facebook page. This would seem to be a rather obvious case wherein the convicted does have a reasonable case of hidden bias against him and his case. But the judge who was required to make the decision on a new trial was also Roger Stone’s trial judge, and she refused to grant a new trial. Notice that Trump did not pardon Roger but rather he commuted Roger’s sentence because Roger Stone fully intends to get a new trial; and he should. What more evidence is needed to prove bias when you have the evidence I mentioned before: anti-Trump Facebook material removed so she could serve as the jury foreperson?

Stone has asthma and believed that, were he sent to the prison in question, he would have contracted COVID-19 and his 40-month sentence would have been a death sentence. Let us hope he gets a new trial and a new chance to prove his innocence.

While we are on the subject of the courts, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s doctors have announced they are treating her for the liver cancer she had once been declared cured from. But the doctors and RBG agree that she should be able to maintain her duties as a justice even while taking her chemotherapy treatments. This development should function to remind us we still do not have a constitutional majority on the highest court.

Judge Roberts and, even occasionally, one of the justices Trump appointed seem to indulge in mind reading and the like, expanding old rulings to cover new ground, rather than forcing petitioners to pass laws to cover issues they feel need addressing. There is no way the 1964 Civil Rights Act covered various kinds of behavior such as trans etc. Not that we should attempt to mistreat anyone, but, in theory, laws are written very carefully so they can only be interpreted in one way, minimizing further judicial action stemming from a vagueness in the law. With that being the case, laws cover what they cover and do not cover what they do not spell out as covered. Period! New coverage is only available with new laws - not mind reading to “discover” new meanings in old laws.

While we are berating the courts, let us take another look at the infamous “Steele Dossier.” Newly declassified documents prove that, as of January 2017, the FBI and the Justice Department new full well that the “Steele Dossier” was a completely dishonest report. In a report Senator Lindsay Graham is getting declassified, there is a time line in which most all of the major players are in the FBI, Justice, CIA, FBI, the DNI. Pretty much all the clandestine forces and the American justice system was well aware that, “Critically, the document shows that Steele’s ‘Primary Sub-source’ disagreed with and was surprised by how information he gave Steele was then conveyed by Steele in the Steele dossier. For instance, the Primary Sub-source: did not recall or did not know where some of the information attributed to him or his sources came from; was never told about or never mentioned to Steele certain information attributed to him or his sources; he said that Steele re-characterized some of the information to make it more substantiated and less attenuated than it really was; that he would have described his sources differently; and, that Steele implied direct access to information where the access to information was indirect. In total, this document demonstrates that information from the Steele dossier, which “played a central and essential role” in the FISA warrants on Carter Page, should never have been presented to the FISA court.

In other words, the information in the Steele Dossier was just a bunch of rumors and gossip, completely unreliable in terms of actually going out and taking action based on its reporting. Yet the secret court issued electronic spying warrants over and over again with the FBI using this same material for corroboration. Again I ask you, where is the FISA court taking action to punish those actors appearing before it presenting gossip as truth? The FISA court appears to care very little about the level of honesty in the reports given to them. How can this be?

Just to wrap up last week’s events. It is becoming ever more obvious that Joe Biden’s days of being a moderate Democrat are over. A vote for Joe and his picks for his cabinet including radicals like AOC and Liz Warren make obvious for all to see that a vote for Joe is a vote for a kind of Marxist/Communist government that has never worked, anywhere in the world it has been tried. I cannot for the life of me see how anyone would think embracing such a dead-end approach to governance would do anything but shatter the nation. And we should all be aware these crazies would not be opposed to that as well!

America has been so geographically distant from the European capitals where this approach was tired and failed that we do not understand how quickly and how finally a wonderful country can be destroyed.

Remember a structure that took years to build can be destroyed in one night of fire, and our nation is being thrust ever closer to a terrible new reality! Will the all-important white women see there is only danger in defunding the police? Can our black brothers and sisters understand the difference between nine unarmed blacks shot by police, in 2019, versus thousands of black men and women and even children routinely shot in Democrat inner city strongholds by black criminals? How can Republicans be blamed for the fact that only 18 percent of L.A. eighth graders can read at grade level? We need to show these Democrat radicals and their moderate supporters the door!

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