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 Does the subject “Critical Race Theory” sound too deep and too boring to investigate and comprehend?  I agree that it sounds that way, but, nonetheless, we need to have at least a general understanding of its toxicity and why it is such a serious threat to our country and the future of our children and grandchildren.  If you haven’t already, you will soon come to immensely dislike the term “Critical Race Theory (CRT)” as much as the words “Biden” and “COVID-19.”

I am not a scholar on the subject of CRT, but I have done enough research to know that it has no place in our society as it perpetuates  racism.   CRT is a multi-pronged, highly prejudicial, and divisive subterfuge/stratagem currently being used by Joe Biden, the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP) and their Socialist/Communist cohorts.  The intent of CRT is to mislead and inflame minority groups in America, undermine the legitimacy of our country and form of government, and to demonize the white race.

The most diabolical aspect of CRT, which may come as a surprise to you, is that it’s overall primary targets are our children and grandchildren at all levels of their formal schooling - from kindergarten, all through their elementary, middle and high school levels, and throughout their college and advanced degree programs.  This is a serious problem.

If you have any doubts about the Biden administration’s involvement in spreading CRT throughout our country as a diabolical means to subvert, propagandize and indoctrinate of our children, the following revelations should command your attention.  They are summary remarks from a recent commentary authored by Johnathan Butcher, a Will Skillman Fellow in Education at the renowned Heritage Foundation.  You will find them to be rather startling.  The sentences that begin with the letters AC are my Accompanying Comments to Mr. Butcher’s revelations.

  • Start summary remarks of Johnathan Butcher.

On April 19, 2021 the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) announced that officials are preparing to use taxpayer money for schools to advocate the idea that America is systemically racist and anyone who thinks differently, children included, are part of the problem, whether they know it or not.  (AC - Please reread the proceeding sentence slowly to fully comprehend the idiocy of the USDE’s CRT plans, which is clearly a leftist indoctrination effort.)

Various state education officials across the country have also created content for K-12 attendees, which treats students differently based on skin color.

(AC - I thought segregated schooling/learning was a thing of the past.  If the education of our children is divided by color and the curriculum being taught is determined by race, how are these children/students expected to harmoniously exist and thrive as adults in a divided environment?. They aren’t.  The end game of CRT is permanent confrontational division of the races.  In  Socialism and Communism a divided citizenry is easier to dominate.  When I grew up, that is what was called “playing both ends against the middle.”)

Washington is bringing CRT’s prejudice to your child’s classroom, and we should reject the notion that the next generation must  be trained in bigotry. (AC - Per my dictionary, bigotry means obstinate or unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion or faction; in particular, prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group or race.)

Joe Biden’s administration wants you to know that your children are biased, and Washington has a plan to fix them.

Since members of Congress reintroduced a legislative proposal this year to create national civics standards, the USDE’s new rule would help shape the content of those standards around “the intolerant idea of CRT.”

  • End summary remarks of Johnathan Butcher.

The foregoing is just a sample of Mr. Butcher’s remarks, which covered several pages. As you can discern from his cited  remarks, CRT is divisive, not cohesive and is anti-American.  The Socialist Democrat Party embraces CRT because it creates an inbred environment of hatred.  The indoctrination of our children will keep the varied races in our country perpetually divided.

The fact that the New York Times, a fully compromised newspaper, noted for its promotion of leftist propaganda and which is involved in this diabolical effort to indoctrinate our children is not a surprise.  It was the New York Times that created the infamous “1619 Project,” which was designed to create a false and dark history of America.  That deceitfully fake history has already been debunked by acclaimed historians and noted academics.  Even the “1619 Project” title, which is supposed to be the year that the first slaves arrived in America, is false.  The first slaves arrived via Spanish ships a century before. And despite the 1619 Project’s claim, it is widely known that the American colonists did NOT use the preservation of slavery as a reason to fight the American Revolution.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter (BLM) - a Marxist organization - also has their own biased school curriculum that they are promoting.  You can guess what that encompasses; i.e.” racism, the misuse of journalistic license and a philosophy of perpetual victimization.”  That is what keeps BLM in business.

    The following are additional excerpts from Mr. Butcher’s previously noted commentary and comments generated by limited research:

“In Rutherford County, Tennessee school officials asked parents to sign forms stating they would not watch their child’s online classes while the district remains closed for in-person learning. The district released different guidance, but only after parents complained and the policy made headlines.”  Like Dracula, the fabled vampire, the falseness of CRT cannot withstand the scrutiny of daylight which reveals the truth.

“Per research carried out by the Goldwater Institute, Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee lawmakers have already enacted provisions that allow parents to see instructional content before it is taught to students, though even some of these provisions come with caveats, and considering the incident in Rutherford County, state legislators should make sure districts follow through.” Concerned parents need to monitor what their individual children are being taught. Active membership in the local Parents-Teachers Associations (PTA) may offer the best opportunity for this.

Reluctance on the part of any schools, teachers, or teachers’ unions to be open and cooperative with concerned parents and PTA organizations is a red flag that requires immediate attention.

The promotion of CRT and the use of our schools to promote racism, socialism/communism and brainwash our children with outrageous lies in a deliberate and unconscionable attempt to destroy our Constitutional Federal Republic and turn it into another third world Socialist disaster.  I refuse to let that happen, and these opinion articles are one way that I am fighting back.

I know and you know that this country is not systemically racist.  I urge each of you who have children and/or grandchildren to join the PTA in your area to keep both CRT and biased BLM school curriculum, along with 1619 Project programs and anything received from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History and Culture out of your local schools.

In case you’re wondering, there is a good reason why the noted Smithsonian Museum is on the above list.  Last summer, the museum released an info-graphic describing white culture as “oppressive,” and said ideas such as “hard work” and efforts to “be polite” are evidence of systemic oppression. The info-graphic also said that students should not be taught to “work before play” or “plan for the future” because these ideas represent systems of power.  Later, under outside pressure, the museum issued an apology and withdrew the info-graph. Nonetheless, their questionable character was revealed.

I suggest that anything received by the local school board from or recommended by the USDE also be shared with and scrutinized by the PTA groups before being introduced into the classrooms. Our children are our country’s greatest treasure and our country’s hope for the future.

God Bless America!

Jerry Jones is Central Intelligence Agency, Ret. and a native of Sparta.


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Racism is very much still alive in this country! Racial injustices are real ! I’m white my children are biracial and are experiencing it often and yes in White county.

Friday, April 30