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There is so much that has been going downhill for so long that, when you start examining our problems with saving America for Americans, it is stunning, even overwhelming. For just a little while, let’s take a look at a few of them. Remember, our country has a 22 trillion US-dollar economy. If we don’t want to control our country with our vote, there are lots of folks that do, and one of them is well along the path!

The latest to make the list is the World Health Organization or WHO. The head of WHO is Tedros, the first non-doctor head of the organization, and he hails from the magnificently corrupt country of Ethiopia. Tedros was accused of covering up a health emergency in his country connected to a cholera outbreak. Many believe he did. The Chinese lobbying group, which has a strong presence at the United Nations in general and the WHO in particular, was responsible for pushing through Tedros’s nomination and election to the position as head of WHO, and he has covered up for them and done their bidding ever since he got the job.

We are just now learning of changes to the international agreements, which the WHO operates, that have been requested by our government. These include all kinds of new powers given to WHO. If adopted, these new powers would give WHO the right to declare a health emergency in the United States, even if our own health authorities insist no health emergency exists. On and on these amendments go, basically stripping the authority from the USA and giving incredible powers to the WHO. Most importantly of all, these changes start to be voted in this week. And, according to prior agreements our fine public servants have put in place for us, these changes need not be ratified by the U.S. Senate. By the end of this week, we may be agreeing to cede our authority to the WHO. Just search the term STOP THE WHO or World Health regulation changes from 2005.

Under the heading of “do we know who our friends are?” Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are supporting State Attorney General Mark Brnovich for the US Senate. Now, I have not trusted Mark Levin since he started pushing the “Convention of States” issue several years ago. More on that in a minute. This AG Brnovich is the one that refused to pursue the results of the Arizona audit that provided proof positive of hundreds of election fraud crimes being committed. And now, these two “conservatives” think we need this do-nothing idiot in the US Senate? Don’t we have enough of those in the Senate already?

Where are the law enforcement officers, and why are they not guarding the homes of Supreme Court justices? Maybe it’s the same people that opened a special prison for the political prisoners of Jan. 9 that still linger there, not charged with any crime and imprisoned for over a year. Federal law clearly states attempts to influence federal judges through violence are not allowed, peaceful or not.

In closing, let me report some good news. Early voting is way up in many states. As of this morning, President Trump is 58-1 in getting his endorsed candidates wins in the primaries. Our time to save this country is drawing to a close swiftly. We need to be prepared to show the left what a massive peaceful protest looks like if election tampering takes place this fall.      


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