Dodgen scores 2,000

Warriorettes 98-Rhea County 26 : Warriors 84-Rhea County 44


The Warriorettes jumped out early on the Rhea County Lady Eagles during basketball action, on Feb. 9.

Gracie Dodgen made a 3 within the first 30 seconds, Alaina Stiles scored 4 points, Mia Murray scored 2, and Morgan Quick made a 3 as well. Rhea County called a timeout four minutes into the first quarter. They were down 12-0. At 2:42, Rhea County scored their first points, which was a layup. Quick had a hot hand and stripped two 3s back to back. One of the Lady Eagles scored and was fouled going up but didn’t complete the And1. The Warriorettes scored the last 7 points of the quarter in the last minute. Quick had 5, and Murray scored a layup, with 3 seconds left. The Warriorettes led 25-4 at the end of the first.

Rhea County possessed the ball to start the second and made 3. The Warriorettes scored the next eight points. Nia Powers made a layup and 1/2 free throws, Quick stole the ball and scored a layup, and Dodgen made another 3, for a score of 33-7. Around 5:50, the Lady Eagles made a 3. Quick and Dodgen scored back to back layups on transition. Rhea called another timeout, with 5:32 left. After the timeout, Stiles scored on an offensive rebound. Right after, Stiles completed an And1 from transition. Murray stole the ball and passed it up to Dodgen for a layup. The Warriorettes were up 44-10, with 4:18 on the clock. After a great hustle play, Dodgen found herself going up for a layup. Rhea County called another timeout. Stiles made a layup, and Celeste Reed scored 4 before Rhea County called a timeout once more since the Warriorettes were up 52-10. After the timeout, the Lady Eagles made a 3. Around two minutes, Nautica Brown came in and sank a 3 for the Warriorettes. Powers stole the ball and laid it up, which would be the last points scored of the half. The Warriorettes were up 57-13 going into halftime.

The Warriorettes dominated the third quarter. Murray opened up the third, scoring 2. Quick made a 3, Dodgen made a 3, Quick made another 3, and Dodgen made another 3. With that last 3 from Dodgen, she scored her 2,000th point, making her the second Warriorette to score 2,000 points and the second leading scorer in Warriorette history. Sparta led 71-13, with 5:26 in the third. Stiles scored the next two baskets, 75-13. Dodgen drained another 3, and so did Rhea County. Addison Frazier also knocked down a 3, but Rhea County made one as well. At 2:31, some subs came in for the Warriorettes as they took a 81-19 lead. Lexi Golden stole the ball, and Powers made a corner 3. The next play down, Golden made a 3, with 1:12 left in the third. Powers sank in a corner 3. With 24.0 to go, Brown finished an offensive rebound. Rhea made 1/2 free throws ending the third quarter. The Warriorettes came out of the third 92-20.

Rhea had the ball to start the fourth and made back-to-back 3s. After a minute, Reed made a layup, with a pass from Taylor Rittenberry. Reed also got an offensive rebound and put it back. She made another layup, with 3:21 left in the game. Neither team scored for the rest of the game, and the Warriorettes won 98-26. Reed finished with a double-double.

Quick: 22pt-3ast-3stl-5rebs

Dodgen: 21pt-5ast-2stl

Powers: 13pt-1ast-4stl-1reb

A.Stiles: 15pt-1ast-1stl-5rebs

Reed: 10pt-1ast-3stl-10pt

Murray: 6pt-7ast-5stl-5rebs

Brown: 5pt-1stl-5rebs

Golden: 3pt-2stl

A.Frazier: 3pt-8ast-2stl-2rebs

Rittenberry: 3ast-2rebs

K.Frazier: 2ast

Gentry: 1ast-1stl

B.Stiles: 1reb

McDonald: 1stl-1reb

In Warrior action, WCHS got the tip, and Grant Slatten scored the first 2 points of the game. Tanner Paul scored the next 3 points, allowing the Warriors to take a 5-0 lead. Rhea County scored a layup around 5:40. Tanner Paul drove to the rim and scored two more. Rhea County scored two more points before Slatten went on a run, scoring 6. Tanner Paul was fouled going up and made 1/2 at the line. The Warriors were up 14-4, with 3:12 left in the first. Japheth Richmond stole the ball and advanced it to Paul, who then passed it up to Slatten for 2 more. Slatten also got fouled and went 2/2. He then stole the ball and went all the way for a dunk. Rhea County called a timeout as they trailed 20-4. After the timeout, Rhea was fouled and went 1/2 from the line. With 2:00 to go, Slatten was fouled as well and went 2/2. Tanner Paul stole it and passed it up to Slatten for another dunk. The Warriors had a 24-5 lead, and Slatten had 18 of that. Thomas Paul stole it and passed it to his brother, Tanner Paul, who missed and finished his shot. The Eagles got an offensive put-back to close out the first quarter at 26-7.

In the second quarter, the Warriors had the ball, and Slatten scored a layup right off the bat. Forty-five seconds in, Thomas Brock stole it and passed it to Richmond who was fouled going up and completed his And1. Around 6:40, Richmond got a steal, and Slatten finished for 2, with the score at 33-7. Twenty seconds later, Jake Davis got a steal, and Richmond finished it. Rhea County went to the line but missed both shots. The Warriors made the next 5 points - Slatten elevated and hit a 15-footer and Brock knocked down a 3. Just under five minutes, Rhea County went 1/2 from the line and then made a layup. Tanner Paul was fouled as well and went 1/2. Rhea County scored two more and was fouled but missed the free throw. Tanner Paul drove to the rim again and increased the score 43-12. Rhea scored the next 5 points. With 1:30 left in the half, Davis made back-to-back 3s. Rhea got an offensive rebound and put it back to close out the half. The Warriors led 49-19.

Rhea opened the third with the ball and scored 2. Richmond pulled an offensive rebound and kicked it out to Davis for yet another 3. On the next play, Slatten was fouled and went 2/2 at the line. He also hit a jumper after that. Beginning at 5:45, the Eagles scored the next 7 points. Two minutes later, Richmond powered up and finished the basket. Rhea and Slatten both scored two before a timeout was called. After the timeout, the Eagles went on a small 5-0 run. At 1:25 Slatten was fouled and completed his And1. Sparta called a timeout as they led 65-35 with 42.7. After the timeout, Davis drained another 3. With 9 seconds remaining in the third, Rhea got fouled and made both free throws. The Warriors were up 68-37 going into the fourth.

Rhea had the ball but Tanner Paul stole it and dunked it within the first six seconds. He then made a layup on the next play, and the Warriors were winning 72-37. Around 5:20, Rhea scored 2. Fifteen seconds later, Brock nailed a jumper. As Rhea brought the ball across half court, Thomas Paul stole it and advanced it to Richmond who then slammed it down. The Eagles scored the next 4 points. Christian Henderson came in hot and dropped a 3 for the Warriors, with 2:20 to go. A minute later, Rhea County went 1/2 from the line and scored their last points of the night. With 48.7 left, Brown stole it and passed it up to Henderson. Henderson took one dribble under the goal and made a great pass back to Brown who finished for 2. Thomas Paul completed an And1, with 30 seconds remaining, and the Warriors held the ball until the buzzer sounded. The Sparta Warriors beat Rhea County  84-44. Tanner Paul finished with a double-double.

Slatten: 33pt-3ast-2stl-1reb-1blk

Ta.Paul: 15pt-4ast-4stl-11rebs-1blk

Davis: 12pt-1ast-4stl-3rebs-2chg

Richmond: 9pt-1ast-2stl-2rebs

Th.Paul: 5pt-4stl-1reb

Brock: 5pt-3ast-2stl-3rebs

Henderson: 3pt-1ast-1stl-1reb

Brown: 2pt-1stl-2rebs

Stephens: 1ast-6rebs-1blk

Gentry: 2ast-2rebs

Dickerson: 1ast   


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