Doyle Elementary students spotlighted at board meeting

Teachers describe special traits of seven students


Doyle Elementary School hosted the February meeting of the White County School Board and, as host, had the opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of their students.

“You hear me say this every year, and I’m going to continue to say it – thank you for allowing me to do this job. I love this building. I love this school and the people that are in it,” the school’s principal, Melea Johnson, told the board before she highlighted some of the ways her faculty and staff have adapted to the changing times to present students with quality learning experiences and then went on to have teachers, through pre-recorded video, spotlight one student from each grade for the board.

“Zoey always comes in with a smile on her face and ready to learn. She is one of the top students academically and always gives here best,” Pre-K teacher Sabrina Miller said of Zoey Kilgore. “One thing I love about Zoey is her willing heart to help others. She is always there for her classmates if they need help with something and makes friends with everyone. I have loved having her in my class this year.”

Kindergarten teacher Shannon Wilson bragged to the board about her student, Koalton King.

“Koalton shows diversity by emitting the love and curiosity of learning,” Wilson said. “Koalton is not a typical student in the area of sitting still and being quiet. He is always moving, experiencing learning through movement, always listening, soaking up information from everything he hears, and always sharing, spreading his knowledge with others. The love of learning shines so bright through Koalton King and inspires others to love and be curious about learning.”

First grader Ava Bachoy was spotlighted by her teacher, Taylor Roberts.

“Ava is truly a delight to everyone she is around,” Roberts said. “She fills the room with her sweet, gentle, polite personality and is always quick to help a friend or classmate no matter the person or situation. Throughout this year, Ava has overcome many diverse events that a young heart should not have to face. I am proud of the kind spirit she gives to everyone around her no matter what may be going on. Ava is a light to our class and the world. I am proud to be her teacher, and everyone is blessed to know an ‘Ava’.”

Jenny Johnson spotlighted a student she has had the privilege of teaching once in kindergarten and now as a second grader: Carzeal Workman.

“Carzeal is a student that brightens everyone’s day. From the time she walks in that door in the morning ‘til she is leaving the building in the afternoon, Carzeal has a smile on her face that would make the sun shine through any gray clouds,” Johnson said of her student. “She has captured the hearts not only of me, her teacher, but previous teachers, aides, cafeteria ladies, and all the office workers. Carzeal has a friend in every one of the second graders here at Doyle. Her diversity is that she sees and treats everyone the same. I got the fortune of being a kindergarten teacher when Carzeal was in kindergarten two years ago, and she has not changed a bit. Her hears was, and is, full of joy, and I look forward to seeing her grow up to do might things.”

Layla Simmons, a third-grade student, was chosen by both Martha Cayce and Wendy Parker as the grade’s spotlight.

“Layla shows diversity by being an all-around good student. She is always willing to help out in both classrooms without even being asked. She will clean up, help other students, participate in classroom discussions, and she is always on top of her classwork. She is a joy to both of her teachers and her classmates. We are so proud of you, Layla!”

Donna Clark and Andrea Neill chose Jordan Schipp to be the fourth grade’s spotlighted student.

“Jordan is a perfect example of diversity. No matter his background or others, his attitude is always great. We know we all have good and bad days, but with Jordan, days are always right. He wears a million-dollar smile daily. He is so kind, polite, thankful, thoughtful, and tries hard academically. He gets along well with all students. and they love him as much as we do. We are so proud of having him in our classes.”

The final student spotlighted, fifth-grader Braxton Simmons, was chosen by his teachers, April Lollar and Andrea Simpson.

“Braxton is a student who has risen to the expectations of his teachers. He has given 110 percent this year to be able to overcome his struggles in the classroom. Braxton participates in our afterschool program to be able to strengthen his classroom abilities. He is always willing to be helpful to classmates and teachers. His diverse academic history of beginning in another state at a young age has given him a rich background and experiences. Braxton is a wonderful student to have in class.”

Due to social distancing guidelines and concerns for the health and safety of all participants in the regularly scheduled board meeting as well as the students and their families themselves, the students were not able to attend the meeting. However, Johnson presented them with their trophies the following school day.     


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